PODCAST: Trump Came to Town

August 25, 2017 Bob Conrad

This week our hosts Bob Conrad and Dana Nollsch debrief President Donald Trump’s visit to Reno, and how we covered it. Also on this episode, Jay Kolbet-Clausell talks about on-the-ground issues in Reno, including the […]


PODCAST #50: The Artown Edition

July 14, 2017 Bob Conrad

July is hot. Art is everywhere. Dana Nollsch, Kristen Power and Bob Conrad discuss a litany of Artown events. In other news, we cover a ton of events to check out this weekend, as well […]


PODCAST: The Great Flood of 2017

January 6, 2017 Bob Conrad

Welcome to the year of getting awesome: 2017. We have on the horizon a flood that could match what we experienced in 1997 and 2005. We spoke with Washoe County Commissioner Bob Lucey for this […]