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This Is Reno is one of the best digital advertising option in the Reno-Sparks area. More than a simple advertising channel, we offer award-winning expertise in comprehensive digital marketing solutions.

Our thoughtful campaign packages extend beyond our website and into the most popular social channels and direct engagement with This Is Reno readers. Explore our options  below. If you need additional information, are looking for other options  or would like a comprehensive package proposal, please contact us.

Additionally, we are able to respond quickly to requests (usually within one business day). If you need a last minute marketing push for an upcoming promotion or event, no problem!

“This Is Reno has consistently exceeded our expectations as an advertising partner for the Downtown Reno Partnership.”

–Brian Bosma 
Former Marketing Director 
Downtown Reno Partnership 

Our audience is your audience

Everyday, we reach an incredibly diverse and engaged readership in the greater Reno/Sparks area. Our audience:

* Has a median age of 38
* Is 51% male, 49% female
* Loves shopping, arts and entertainment, the outdoors, news and politics, and food and drink
* Is educated, tech savvy, socially aware and health-conscious
* Has disposable income and spends it on entertainment, recreation and tech
* Is passionate about topics like local food, bike advocacy, politics and government transparency
* Is proactive in our community—in government, business and social activities.

The numbers don’t lie

This Is Reno sees up to 825,000 views and visits to our website and social media channels each month.
* Web: Up to 225,000 unique visitors and 350,000 page views per month
* Newsletter: 11,000+ subscribers 
* Instagram followers: 24,700+
* Facebook followers: 50,000+


Not seeing what you’re looking for? Call, and we can accommodate most online advertising and marketing requests, including managing your Google Ads, Facebook campaigns and more. CALL 775-230-7139.



Sponsored posts, also known as native ads, are great for increased engagement on social media. Includes newsletter distribution to more than 11,000 subscribers.



Rotating banners, social media and specialty display ads not available anywhere else in Reno.



Reach our followers on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn with your message, photograph, hashtags and backlink.



Advertise with a banner ad or a sponsor message directly in the inboxes of This Is Reno’s more than 11,000 subscribers.



List your business and event for free on This Is Reno. Free and paid options are available.

Notes & Disclaimers
  • Right of refusal: We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, for any reason, at any time.
  • Political and issue-related ad rates are double the listed prices. Cannabis advertising is an additional 50% to any posted prices.
  • Comment moderation: We do not moderate comments for paid social posts. We encourage you to diplomatically engage with our audiences if disputes or negative comments arise. Here is a reference for best practices.
  • Disclosure: FTC guidelines mandate all paid content be labeled as sponsored content. Posts are labeled accordingly.