NOTE for October 2, 2020: Due to repeated abuse of our commenting system — most recently somebody submitted trolling comments impersonating a local journalist in order to defend a local hospital — we are closing comments on our website indefinitely.

Due to current politics and the global pandemic, we simply do not have the resources to battle the incredible amount of negativity, disinformation and misinformation that circulates online. We now only do so as resources allow. Comments on our social media — Facebook, primarily — will moderated in accordance with our longstanding commenting policy below and with the tools available on social channels, which are, at best, inadequate.

Moderating comments is never perfect, and closing them here seems the only remaining option. We continue to welcome opinion articles that follow in the spirit of the guidance below.

Commenting on This Is Reno

One of our goals at This Is Reno is to help foster a tone for civil, engaged, and insightful discussion of news and events in the greater Reno area. Because of this, comments on the website  are actively moderated.

Commenting: Passion and disagreement are welcome; name-calling and attacks are not. Comments are generally approved if they are civil in nature and are posted by those who:

  • Use real first and last names (anonymous comments are no longer accepted)
  • Stay on topic to the article and discussion
  • Link only to relevant information (off-topic links are not accepted)
  • Avoid name-calling and ad-hominem attacks
  • Use correct grammar
  • Avoid swearing
  • Keep things cool.

Thanks for helping us elevate the discussion about Reno news — and for helping to keep Reno amazing.