Display Advertising

Display ads are the proven workhorse of the digital advertising world. They are incredibly effective for repeat visual impact. Available ad formats are dynamic, customizable and eye-catching. With nearly 100 display and specialty ad options, we can create the perfect campaign for your budget and your vision. 

Display ads start at $50 per week. Each campaign of six month or more will be given analytics including impressions, hovers, clicks, click-through rates (CTR) and geolocation data. 

The longer your ad runs, the more times it will be viewed. Therefore, we offer discounts for six-month (5% off) and 12-month (15% off) display ad buys. Contact us to learn more about display ad pricing, specifications and scheduling options. Display ads can also be combined with other offerings to create a comprehensive advertising package.

Rotating Banners

Supported sizes: 300×250, 728×90, prices start at $50/week.

Social Media Ads

Promote your social feeds on our site — Facebook, Instagram, text messages and Twitter. This pulls in the latest post from your social feed once per hour.

Instant Facebook

Instant video

Special Ad formats

The Amazing Cube

The Sneaker (see below)

This is an ad format that “sneaks” up from the bottom of the page. The actual banner or image can be any size, but wide and short ads (728x90s) work best.

The Coupon

An attractive coupon that can be fit to any size. When you click on it, it opens full-screen on a mobile device. Just upload pictures and text. Great for coupon pages and grids.

More than 95 ad formats available

That’s not all

Visit Broadstreet ads to see all display ad formats available to This Is Reno advertisers

Ad pricing does not include design or formatting, which we can do for you for an added fee. Advertisers submit designs, images and text to spec upon purchase agreement.