Our specialty ads on ThisisReno.com are the most clicked elements of our site. Why? Because we are the only site in the area that uses Broadstreet Ads’s exclusive ad formats, and we focus ads on what our audience wants to know more about — local business, local services and local events.

Each banner ad is setup for the scheduled number of days, and available statistics include impressions, hovers, clicks, click-through rate and visitor IP address location.

Discounts are available for 6-month (5% off) and 12-month (15% off) ad buys. Non-profit discounts are also available.

Call for pricing and to schedule your banner ad: 775-391-5252.

Special Ad formats

The Amazing Cube

The Realtor

The Sticky Note

A sticky note with your message on our site! A text-only ad which appears as a sticky note affixed to the top right of the screen. The sticky can be positioned relative to the top right corner, and rate-limited to prevent users from seeing it too often.

Instant Social Ads

Promote your social feeds on our site — Facebook, Instagram, Text Messages & Twitter! This pulls in the latest post from your social feed once per hour. It displays the photo, caption, and optionally, comments and like information on the post.

The Sneaker (see below)

This is an ad format that “sneaks” up from the bottom of the page. The actual banner or image can be any size, but wide and short ads (728x90s) probably work best.

Page Peel

This ad affixes itself to the top right of the screen. When a user hovers over what appears to be a “peeled” part of the page, it peels back even more and reveals an image.

IAB Banner Ad Sizes and options

728×90 large banner rotating (all pages and posts)
$200/week, 2-week minimum

Site Wrapper (brand our entire website background with your ad):
$750/week, 1-week mininum

300×250 sidebar rotating (all pages and posts):
starts at $25/week, 4-week minimum

300×250 in-article rotating (all posts):
$75/week, 4-week minimum

300×250 front page “below the fold” rotating:
$100/week, 2-week minimum

468×60 in-article rotating (all posts):
$50/week, 4-week minimum

468×60 above article rotating (all posts):
$75/week, 4-week minimum

Ad pricing does not include design or formatting, which we can do for you for an added fee. Advertisers submit designs, images and text to spec upon purchase agreement.