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About This Is Reno

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About This Is Reno

Reno’s Online News & Events Source

This Is Reno is your source for daily Reno news and events for Reno, Sparks, the Truckee Meadows and beyond. We were founded in 2009 and are locally owned and operated. Meet the team here.

We began with a question: Could a group of volunteer media professionals, collaborate and create an online news media outlet to fill the gaps left by downsized newsrooms? The answer, we quickly discovered, was yes.

Our site launched with an exclusive interview with Thomas “Lt. Dangle” Lennon about the ending of Comedy Central’s “Reno 911.” We have since grown to become a Reno news leader and influencer. We are Reno’s only locally owned and operated online news and events source. Our focus is on our community. We reach thousands of Reno-area readers every day on thisisreno.com and our social channels.

We are frequently news breakers, we often cover what other media do not and we offer a truly local voice to Reno news and events via our social media, podcast, website and our e-newsletter.

This Is Reno offers effective and competitive advertising. If you need event promotions, advertising or want to see your news story reach thousands in the Reno area, please consider advertising with us.

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We deliver local, independently produced news about Reno, for the people of Reno, by the people of Reno.


  • Nevada Press Association
  • Local Independent Online News Publishers
  • Investigative Reporters & Editors


We are supported directly by our readers through donations and paid subscriptions. We also offer paid PR/sponsored content and a range of advertising options. In 2020, we received financial support ($85,000) from the Local Media Foundation and Facebook’s Journalism Project for COVID-19 reporting. Neither organization has editorial control over content.


We believe that an informed community is a stronger community. We publish news and commentary relevant to the lives of northern Nevadans and adhere to these core values:

  • Freedom of speech and expression
  • Fair, fact-based reporting
  • Reliance (as much as possible) on expert sources
  • Accuracy and transparent corrections of errors
  • A diversity of credible voices and viewpoints
  • Transparency and accountability
  • Commitment to diversity, racial equality and to our community.


This Is Reno partners with other media sources and organizations, including KUNR Reno Public Radio, KWNK Community Radio, Associated Press and Noticerio Móvil.