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Monthly Archives: May, 2023

Bad news about legislation to address opiate overdoses (opinion)

A bill, AB132, which when introduced proposed a comprehensive review of recent overdose fatalities, has been gutted to the point of uselessness.

Nevada Republican governor approves abortion protections in cross-party move

Nevada's Joe Lombardo on Tuesday became one of the first Republican governors to enshrine protections for out-of-state abortion patients and in-state providers, adding the western swing state to the list of those passing new laws to solidify their status as safe havens for abortion patients.

Fired Sparks Fire Chief gets partial court victory

Former Sparks Fire Chief Mark Lawson yesterday received a partial court victory after he sued the City of Sparks in the wake of his firing last year by Sparks City Manager Neil Krutz.

Annual Pops Party Concert Sunday, June 11, at the Governor’s Mansion in Carson City (sponsored)

The Carson City Symphony annual Pops Party concert will be at 6 p.m. Sunday, June 11, 2023 at the Governor's Mansion, 606 Mountain Street, Carson City. Admission is free.

Economic boost or big business hand-out? Nevada lawmakers consider A’s stadium financing

Nevada lawmakers questioned whether a proposal to subsidize a new MLB stadium with tax credits and bonds would further boost Las Vegas' economy, or serve as a handout for a big business that could strain government resources.

‘We blew a major opportunity this year:’ Session falls short on addressing drought, groups say

In the nation’s driest state, water emerged as a uniting issue among lawmakers and conservation groups during the state’s legislative session.

Nevada becomes latest to enhance penalties for election worker intimidation after statewide exodus

Those who harass, intimidate or use force on election workers performing their duties in Nevada could soon face up to four years in prison under a new law signed by the Western swing state's Republican governor on Tuesday.

Reno Police sergeant demoted after shooting into fleeing vehicle (video)

Former Reno Police Sergeant Carlos Valles was demoted after he shot at a fleeing vehicle in the fall of 2021. Shooting into vehicles is “generally prohibited” by RPD’s use-of-force policies.

Reno Air Races seeks to move annual event

The Reno Air Racing Association today announced it is seeking bids from airports and localities to partner on future air-racing events. 

Downtown Reno makeover: DRP’s Ambassador Team leads the way (sponsored)

The DRP Ambassadors remain focused on their mission. To transform the downtown into a dynamic and vibrant community. One that’s equitable, economically diverse, sustainable, inclusive, and resilient.

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