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Low riders and burnouts: Hot August Nights wraps up for 2023 (photos)


The annual Hot August Nights car festival is wrapping up today for 2023. Each year, for decades, the annual Reno-area event brings rumbling engines, free live entertainment and plenty of events and things to do for people of all ages.

Events span the week at the beginning of August. Hot August Nights pays homage to the 1950s and 1960s, embodying the era’s car history, music and culture.

Thousands of car enthusiasts from across the country visit Reno to watch classic cars cruise the streets in and around Reno. There are dozens of activities and events for people to enjoy. These include drag races, burnout competitions and swap meets.

Photographer Cesar Lopez was on hand to capture some of this weekend’s events. Check out his photos below.

Cesar Lopez
Cesar Lopez
Cesar Lopez is from Reno and is an award-winning street photographer. He is also a co-host for the podcast and radio show, Up in the Mix. He gets his inspiration from his travels and his love of music.