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RLT’s ‘Small Mouth Sounds’ shows the hidden power of silence (photos)


By Taylor Harker | Photos by Bob Conrad

Reno Little Theatre’s latest production, “Small Mouth Sounds” is a captivating play that explores the power of human connection, mindfulness, and self-discovery through little to no words. Set in a silent meditation retreat that takes place over five days, the play follows six strangers as they navigate their personal struggles, confront their inner demons, and discover the transformative power of silence.

The play begins with the characters arriving at the retreat center, each carrying their own troubles and anxieties. They are greeted by the retreat leader who remains unseen for the entirety of the play but acts as a spiritual mentor. The characters are left to their own devices, forced to rely on nonverbal communication to confront their innermost feelings and desires.

As the days go by, the characters slowly begin to open up to each other, revealing what brought them to the retreat. Through their interactions with each other, they begin to find support, and healing, leading to surprising revelations and unexpected connections.

The play is a powerful testament to the human capacity for resilience, empathy and transformation. It explores universal themes of love, loss and the ability to transform when one is forced to leave all the normal habits of everyday life. It inspires the audience to think about how everyone is going through their own personal struggles despite what they are showing on the surface. And that we have more in common with the people around us then we let on to believe. 

Despite the serious themes explored in “Small Mouth Sounds,” the play also contains a good amount of humor. The awkwardness and discomfort that the characters experience in their attempts to communicate nonverbally lead to several comedic moments. The characters’ inner thoughts are also revealed through brief, humorous monologues that provide a lighthearted break from the intensity of the silent retreat. 

“Small Mouth Sounds” is a must-see production that will leave audiences moved, inspired, and deeply reflective about the power of silence and human connection. Don’t miss this unforgettable theatrical experience.


Written by: Bess Wohl 

Directed by: Adi Cabral and assistant directed by Megan Aguas

Actors and Crew

  • Sophie Moeller as Joan
  • La Ronda Etheridge as Judy
  • Kristina Charpentier as Alicia
  • Scott Hernandez as Ned
  • Stephen Schillo as Rodney
  • Patrick Mink as Jan
  • Evonne Kezios as Teacher (4/14-4/16)
  • Bradford Ka’ai’ai as Teacher (4/20-4/23)
  • Stephanie Cook as Teacher (4/27-4/30)
  • Abraham Vasquez as Teacher (5/5- 5/7)
  • ​Assistant Director: Megan Aguas
  • Stage Manager:  Erich Goldstein
  • Assistant Stage Manager: Emma Achtabowski
  • Scenic, Sound Design, Props: Chad Sweet
  • Lighting Design: Jess Brown
  • Accent & Dialect Coach: Rosie Brownlow-Calkin
  • Intimacy Direction: Thomas Rao
  • Fight Choreographer: Bryce Keil
  • Costumes: Moira Bengochea


  • Evening Show Dates: April 14, 15, 20, 21, 22, 27, 28, 29 at 7:30 pm
  • Matinee Show Dates: April 16, 23, 30 at 2 pm
  • The show will then tour to Carson City with performances on May 5 & 6 at 7 pm and May 7 at 2 pm at the Brewery Arts Center


  • Regular: $28 per person
  • Students: $15 per person
  • Seniors: $23 per person 

Website: https://www.renolittletheater.org

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