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Reno-Tahoe American Marketing Association to host 10th Annual Marketing Workshop (sponsored)


Attendees will learn about human-centered design, the psychology behind selling, how to improve digital advertising, ways to engage empathy with customers and much more.

The Reno-Tahoe American Marketing Association (AMA) is hosting the 10th Annual Marketing Workshop on Tuesday, April 12. Located at The Virgil from 9 a.m. through 3 p.m., attendees will be able to experience an overview of all stages of the Human-Centered Design process in a compressed time frame. Additionally, participants will produce an innovation prototype after a 90-minute work session.

The workshop will engage attendees in hands-on activities for gaining empathy with the customer, with insight and tips from brand design, digital marketing and sales experts Larry Daily, Michael Thomas, Courtney Meredith and Joshua Schapp.

The speakers will also give insight on how to get ahead of their marketing strategies and educate attendees on how to successfully involve customers in the design process, rapid prototyping and obtaining feedback (also known as usability testing) to compare the user’s needs with the product’s features.

Following a two year hiatus of in-person events, the Reno-Tahoe AMA team is thrilled to be back in person for this seminar. “After hosting this event virtually since 2019, we can’t wait to provide the expertise of Larry, Michael, Courtney and Joshua to our attendees and hopefully have each of them walk away with a refreshed set of skills and a new outlook on their development and business strategies going forward,” said Amanda Long, VP of Special Events, Reno-Tahoe AMA.

Whether a public relations professional, in-house marketer, a small business owner, or anything in between, this workshop is the perfect fit for anyone that shares a passion for understanding customer needs while being able to match and produce products and services to those needs.

To reserve your spot for the 10th Annual Reno-Tahoe American Marketing Association Workshop, visit renoama.com/marketing-workshop.

About Reno-Tahoe American Marketing Association

The Reno-Tahoe chapter of the American Marketing Association (AMA) was founded locally in 1982, and serves as the resource for area marketers to learn, grow, and connect through opportunities that promote education and marketing excellence. Marketing is becoming increasingly complex. We believe that continuous learning is important in the context of a continuously changing environment. Your Reno-Tahoe chapter endeavors to communicate new marketing trends, set a high standard for the industry, communicate the best that is known about marketing, and conduct frequent meetings for the exchange of ideas. We strive to maintain a strong, successful national presence conducting exemplary, succession-focused chapter management.

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