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RTC hosts meeting on potential North Valleys connector road

By Carla O'Day

The Regional Transportation Commission of Washoe County is in the beginning stages of its Eagle Canyon Extension study, a proposed new roadway that would connect Spanish Springs to the North Valleys.

A public meeting is scheduled from 5 to 7 p.m. March 12 at Spanish Springs High School, 1065 Eagle Canyon Drive. RTC also plans to livestream the meetings from its Facebook page, facebook.com/rtcwashoe.

Construction on this potential new roadway is anticipated to occur within the 2027-2040 timeframe, as identified by the RTC’s Regional Transportation Plan.

RTC officials say the location of the roadway has not yet be determined. Also, a study is underway to evaluate existing traffic operations and safety on Eagle Canyon Drive. The need for this study arose from the North Valleys Multimodal Transportation Study completed by RTC in February 2017.

Through that process, North Valleys residents expressed a desire for a direct connection between the two areas, as both have been experiencing, and are expected to continue to experience, significant growth in housing and employment.

The proposed roadway would help to alleviate traffic currently using U.S. 395, the Spaghetti Bowl, and Pyramid Highway, and improve regional traffic flow, RTC says.

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