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REVIEW: “Sense and Sensibility” at Reno Little Theater


“Sense and Sensibility” follows two sisters and their trials and tribulations with love. Heavily based off “Pride and Prejudice,” the play is set in historic England where money and status advance you in life. Having lost their father and all the little fortune they had; the two sisters struggle to find a man that will accept them for who they are rather than their heritage amount.

The set seemed to be taken from a fairytale, with blue and yellow speckling the background. It was also mobile, with rotating parts signaling travel scenes. However, there was another moving aspect to the set where the intention of the movement wasn’t as present. I think it was meant to represent time of day, but every so often an actor would pull a lever to adjust the height of the blue and yellow panels at seemingly random moments. Clarification was definitely needed for this set piece. 

Focusing on the show, though, each actor gave a tremendous performance and this has to be one of the most talented plays I have seen in Reno. Some actors had to play more than one character, and I was very impressed with the vast difference in personalities between these characters.

Image: Bob Conrad

With this in mind, it was confusing to catch on to the changed characters at first. They were only signified by a slight change in costume. The cast could’ve easily doubled to account for all the different parts. Some actors would play family members and romantic interests, making the transition weird at times. After we caught on, though, it was easier to spot the changes. 

There was another really weird scene where half the actors were playing dogs that really had nothing to do with the play and were never mentioned again. Despite these few awkward instances, the play was entertaining and kept me on the edge of my seat. It takes a few scenes to get in the swing of things, and after that, it’s nothing but greatness.

This performance embodied a little bit of everything, from sadness to romance to comedy, to make it the perfect heart-warming play it needed to be. The actors did a spectacular job with all they were tasked with, and I urge all to get tickets before they surely sell-out.

Image: Bob Conrad

The Details


Evening Show Dates: 7/5, 7/6***, 7/11 (tt), 7/12, 7/13, 7/18 (tt), 7/19, 7/20, 7/25 (tt), 7/26, 7/27 @ 7:30 PM

Matinee Show Dates: 7/6 (PWYC), 7/7, 7/14*, 7/21, 7/28 @ 2 PM

(tt) = Thirst Thursday – FREE drink with ticket purchase, PWYC denotes Pay-What-You-Can performance, * denotes post-show talk-back

***Please note, the complimentary Artown show has been sold out***


  • Adults: $25
  • Senior/Military: $20
  • Students: $15
  • Kids 12 & Under: $12


  • Michelle Calhoun as Anne/Mrs. Dashwood
  • Jacqueline King as Mrs. Jennings
  • Angie Green as Fanny
  • Bob Ives as Sir John
  • Reese Kväll as Margaret
  • Jared Lively as Edward
  • John Proctor as Brandon
  • Ariel Quinain as Lucy
  • Tara Rispin as Elinor
  • Caulder Tempel as Willoughby/John Dashwood
  • Elise Van Dyne as Marianne 
Kylie Burns
Kylie Burns
Kylie Burns has been living in Reno for over two decades. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and an MFA in Creative Writing. Her non-fiction work can also be found in Broadway Baby. When she isn't reviewing art and culture events in Reno, she's hogging the spotlight in karaoke or trying her hand at mixology.