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Original Musical “Generation We” Opens at Good Luck Macbeth

By Dana Nollsch
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Watch a video below.

We are in a time of deep reflection about our country and what we want for our communities, families, and ourselves.

“Generation We” is a musical that explores what America means to those who seek their part of the American Dream. This is a homegrown production written by Pan Pantoja with additional words by Joe Atack and Marvin Gonzalez and performed at Good Luck Macbeth Theatre.

“Generation We” follows several archetypes struggling with their desires and their temptations as they explore the American Dream. Mix in the devil and a wise, if not a bit crazy, old man and you have the makings for an entertaining thought-provoking hour-and-a-half.

I found “Generation We” entertaining with a deep message that is just right for the times we find ourselves in. The fast pace of this play does not outshine the message that is clear if you are willing to listen.

Weapons of Mass Creation provide the music brilliantly and balanced well with the actors on stage. All in all, the production is as solid as the message.

I recommend seeing “Generation We” if you are ready to open to a few hard truths and want to be entertained with a talented cast and inspired music.


City Man – Amelia Giles
Foreign Man – Thomas Chubb
Rich Man – Orlando Oh
Mountain Man – Pan Pantoja
Old Man – Chip Arnold
Trash Nymph/Bartender – Naomi Di Vine
America/Ego – Jesse Briggs
The Devil – John Frederick

Weapons of Mass Creation:

Drums – Steven Sperber
Bass – Aric Shapiro
Guitar – Joe Atack


Director – Joe Atack
Stage Manager – Hannah Gebensleben

For more information, check out GLM’s website:  http://www.goodluckmacbeth.org/

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