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PHOTOS: “Sex with Strangers” Opens at Good Luck Macbeth


Passion in modern times, “Sex with Strangers” is an intelligent look at relationships in the digital age.

“Sex with Strangers” was written by Laura Eason and is directed by Casey Burke-Ruhl. This is Good Luck Macbeth Theatre Company’s first production of their new season.

Olivia, a writer with talent and little fame, is at a retreat in the mountains lamenting over her new novel when out of a snow storm comes Ethan, a writer with dubious fame and untapped talent.

Hannah Davis plays Olivia, bringing life to the role of a mature and thoughtful woman, haunted by her own ideas of who she is and her vision of self-worth.  Hannah brings vitality to her role as we see Olivia finding her inner strength.

Justin Tanks plays Ethan, a blogger turned writer who has his own agenda, an agenda that eludes even himself. Justin is wonderful in the role of Ethan as he brought me to a place of understanding and caring for the character he plays.

When the two of them meet there is an explosion of passion and creativity that will lead both of them to their next phases in life.

This is a very smart play that brings in elements of our modern digitally connected life and how romance and creativity is changing in response. I, for one, was very moved by the play and the performances and I would love to see this a second time.

Casey Burke-Ruhl, a Reno native now living in New York, came here to direct this play and has done a great job in helping to build the characters.

Sex with Strangers is playing Feb. 3 – 25 at Good Luck Macbeth Theatre Company, in the heart of MidTown.

For more information on Showtime’s and tickets, check out GLM’s website: http://www.goodluckmacbeth.org/

Dana Nollsch
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