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Second vacant storefront beautification program mural underway on former Little Nugget site (sponsored)


After completion.

If you’ve walked down Virginia Street recently, you’ve likely seen the vibrant, colorful mural on the front of the former Masque / Horseshoe location. Painted by local artist Iain Harrison, the mural is the first of the Downtown Reno Partnership’s Vacant Storefront Beautification Program’s murals proven in other cities to help draw attention to secure new leases or new owners of vacant businesses.

Harrison is currently painting the second mural as part of this program at the former Little Nugget location also on Virginia Street. He draws inspiration from and incorporates pieces of the buildings history into his murals that can be seen through his vibrant, New Orleans-style mural on the Masque location.

“We’ve received several compliments about this initiative and have watched many stop in front of the mural to take photos and engage with the artist,” said Neoma Jardon, Executive Director of the Downtown Reno Partnership. “Through vibrant colors, captivating designs and lighting, these murals breathe new life into vacant spaces and ignite a sense of community.”

The Masque location mural also has a very vibrant, eye-catching light display at night that activates the colors in the mural even further. Watch the video of how the lights add another element to the mural here. 

Harrison is currently working on the second mural at the former Little Nugget location. Like so many, Harrison enjoyed the Little Nugget and its food – even getting a burger on the last day the establishment was open. He took his past experiences eating at the Little Nugget and put them into his design as he wanted to revive the energy and atmosphere for the historic burger diner.  

“I want people to think happy memories when passing by this mural and bringing extra beautification for downtown by appreciating the 24/7 diner we all miss,” Harrison said. “My design was freelance inspired from the Little Nugget’s sign as well as the coloration of the epic burger that used to be served at this location.”

Harrison has plans for lights on the Little Nugget mural as well. He also enjoys interacting with visitors and passersby-ers as he paints so if you see him, say hi. He can typically be found painting at the Little Nugget during the afternoons Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

ICYMI: The Reno-Sparks Convention and Visitors Authority recently included Harrison’s Masque / Horseshoe mural in a roundup of local art in the area. You can see more here.

In progress

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