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Thanksgiving dinner on bread


Give in to your favorite holiday indulgences any time of year

If you ask me, one day a month isn’t enough for enjoying a traditional Thanksgiving meal. All of that warm turkey, fresh cranberry sauce and parade of comforting sides deserves a spot on our table all month long, or maybe even year-round.

One of the more accessible ways to indulge in Thanksgiving dinner either prior to or even after the storied holiday is to place your favorite ingredients between two slices of bread. Many make their own Thanksgiving sandwiches featuring leftovers, but those, too, run out in a matter of days. 

Local sandwich shops, however, keep these specials on their menu often year-round so you can indulge even after the last slice of pumpkin pie has been devoured.

The Sandwich Spot is one of those eateries that never pulls The Reno 9-1-1 from their menu. This hearty sandwich combines hot turkey with cranberry sauce and cream cheese for a finished product that is both sweet and savory. 

Yosh’s Deli is known for their long list of yummy sandwiches that refuse to be run of the mill. Named The Gobbler Sandwich, this turkey-heavy dish doesn’t come out just once a year. Instead, diners can gorge on this sammy stuffed with stuffing and mashed potatoes and finished with aioli. Experts add lingonberries, too.

At Michael’s Deli, which has locations in both Midtown and south Reno, Jimmy’s is the secret name for this classic “holiday” sandwich. Made with turkey, cream cheese, cranberries and lettuce, it’s more akin to The Sandwich Spot’s version. 

While Beach Hut Deli is a chain, its only Reno location is in northwest territory, and this menu item is served a bit different. Dubbed the Beach Bikini, it comes with turkey, cream cheese, sunflower seeds, cranberry sauce, spinach and mayonnaise on sliced wheat.

At Great Full Gardens, there’s no mistaking what this lunchtime favorite is supposed to be, after all it is named Thanksgiving Sandwich—and it’s meatless. The all natural “never ever” turkey breast is topped with organic cranberry sauce, veganaise (vegan mayonnaise), herbed stuffing, provolone cheese and lettuce on a roll, served by the half or the whole.

The Reno 9-1-1 at The Sandwich Spot has turkey, cranberry sauce and cream cheese.
The Reno 9-1-1 at The Sandwich Spot has turkey, cranberry sauce and cream cheese. Image: Nora Tarte / This Is Reno

In northern Nevada, Capriotti’s is like Starbucks in the sense that there is one on every corner. With a long list of signature subs, the Bobbie is a nationally acclaimed best seller. It feels similar to many of the other items on this list, a sandwich stuffed with homemade turkey, cranberry sauce and stuffing before it’s piled onto mayonnaise-slicked bread.

Full Belly Deli is another one of those local favorites, boasting a few locations throughout the Reno-Truckee area. Their turkey, stuffing, cranberry and cream cheese delicacy is dubbed Turkey Day and is created using house-made stuffing and hand-carved turkey.

At Rubicon Deli (which has just two locations, one in Reno and one in San Diego) serves up the Crandie, a creative take on the Thanksgiving sandwich that starts with house-roasted turkey before provolone, avocado, lettuce, tomato, onion, balsamic mayo and cranberry mustard are added to create a very unique flavor profile.

At Paisan’s Old World Deli & Catering, the turkey, cream cheese, sun-dried cranberries concoction is named Crazy Bird and comes with lettuce, tomatoes and sprouts on nine-grain bread. And at Deli Towne USA (our favorite gas station deli), The Cran Slam is a decadent combination of turkey, stuffing, thick turkey gravy, cranberry sauce and mayonnaise.

We’re sure we’re missing some but even with this list we’d say it’ll be easy enough to get your Thanksgiving fix any month of the year. If you have a favorite Thanksgiving dinner inspired sandwich we haven’t tried yet, please let us in on the secret.

Nora Tarte
Nora Tarte
Nora Heston Tarte is a long-time Reno resident living on the southside of town. In addition to food, her hobbies include wine, hiking, yoga and travel. She is also the managing editor of a regional, lifestyle publication and freelances for other publications most frequently in the travel space. Nora received her bachelor's in Journalism from California State University, Sacramento before graduating from University of Nebraska, Lincoln with a master’s in Professional Journalism. You can follow her travel adventures, and local exploits, on her Instagram account @wanderlust_n_wine.