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The Nevada Coalition to End Domestic and Sexual Violence launches new campaign “Believe My Truth” (sponsored)


To prevent sexual violence against individuals with developmental disabilities

Aiming to put a stop to sexual violence against individuals with developmental disabilities, the Nevada Coalition to End Domestic and Sexual Violence (NCEDSV) launches “Believe My Truth.” The campaign kicks off today, May 9, 2022, with messages that communities are encouraged to share using the hashtag #BelieveMyTruth. 

The “Believe My Truth” campaign will not only raise awareness of healthy relationship practices, but aspires to increase conversations and education opportunities about healthy relationships for people with developmental disabilities. 

“This campaign’s goal is to give teens the power to speak their truth without judgement or discrimination,” said Judy Henderson, NCEDSV Training Coordinator. “They have the power to control their narrative and let others know that they can have productive, healthy and happy relationships.”

The “Believe My Truth” campaign targets parents of people with disabilities, service-providers, and teens who live with disabilities. NCEDSV aims to spark wholesome conversations between these individuals to better illustrate healthy relationships for teens. 

“Whether as parents, providers or teens living with a disability, we have created this campaign to let individuals know that it’s okay to speak up,” said Sarah Slavenas, NCEDSV Communications and Policy Director. “Teens who live with a disability have the right to experience and enjoy intimacy.”

NCEDSV states that there are many ways to help prevent sexual violence including: promoting social norms that protect against violence, intervening as a bystander to protect someone who may be at risk, and teaching healthy dating skills. When safe, intimate relationship abilities are taught to adolescents, it promotes healthy sexuality in supporting victim-survivors to lessen harm. 

Visit ncedsv.org for presentations and resources that create a safer environment for teens living with a disability. 


The Nevada Coalition to End Domestic and Sexual Violence (previously The Nevada Network Against Domestic Violence), is the statewide coalition of domestic and sexual violence programs. NCEDSV provides statewide advocacy, education and support to the front-line organizations that help those impacted by domestic and sexual violence. To learn more, visit ncedsv.org.

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