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The folks at 10 Torr love a good theme


Local watering hole 10 Torr has long been one of my favorite places in Reno to get a drink. Despite its not-so-convenient location to my side of town, a visit to 10 Torr is always worth the trip. 

Part of the appeal is the stellar staff. Another part is the always energized but not too rowdy atmosphere. But the biggest draw has to be the experimental and always changing cocktail menus dreamed up by the talented team of in-house bartenders and mixologists.

Many come to 10 Torr for a local beer or to load up on canned cocktails they’ve grown to love. Others may be stocking up on liquor distilled on site or their favorite fresh cocktails created with that 10 Torr touch. 

But it’s the craft concoctions that have most 10 Torr visitors coming back. 

Here, the menus change monthly so you’re always getting something different and there is typically a fun theme to tie it all together. Whether you’re a fan of The Office or simply have a hankering for a boozy sipper made from cereal milk, it’s not outside the realm of impossible to think you’ve been tempted into the bar by one of these rotating menus once or twice.

Hot libations at 10 Torr. Image: Eric Marks / This Is Reno

For the winter of 2021-2022, staff at 10 Torr dedicated their talents to coming up with a list of hot cocktails for the colder months (note: not all of the featured sips are hot in temperature). The Hot Libation menu started with holiday-themed cocktails in December and included Mexican Iced Chocolate (a combination of 10 Torr Habanero & Jalapeño Vodka, Mexican chocolate blend and ancho chile) and the Coley Negroni (10 Torr Gin, 10 Torr CoffeeLiqueur, cold brew infused aperitif, and sweet vermouth).

For those who chose to step away from the booze for a bit and celebrate Dry January, the No ABV or non-alcoholic mocktails heavy on January’s specialty menu are there for you to replace many of the specials for the month. 

There is also a low ABV menu available for those looking to cut back without going dry. And, a play on words, the Dry Ginuary menu is chalked-full of classic, gin-based drinks from a martini to a gin rickey to last word.

A January cocktail at 10 Torr. Image: Eric Marks / This Is Reno

In February a second refresh of the winter menu will go back to one of our favorite 10 Torr traditions—cocktail renditions based on a singular movie or television show. In this case, The Big Lebowski will have its time to shine with a cocktail menu featuring plenty of variations of the white Russian and some other cocktails with a clever nod to the cult classic film about The Dude. 

To get your hands on an inspired drink, simply stop in when the bar is open. Special menus are available at the counter so you can browse the newest lineup of creative craft drinks before settling on one that piques your interest.

While you’re in, peruse the refrigerator where canned cocktails are available (of what hasn’t sold out) and eye the beer list (on the chalkboard to the right) for more drink inspo.


490 Mill Street, Reno, Nev. 89502
Monday – Wednesday 3 to 9 p.m.
Thursday – Friday 3 p.m. to midnight
Saturday noon to midnight
Sunday noon to 7 p.m.

Nora Tarte
Nora Tarte
Nora Heston Tarte is a long-time Reno resident living on the southside of town. In addition to food, her hobbies include wine, hiking, yoga and travel. She is also the managing editor of a regional, lifestyle publication and freelances for other publications most frequently in the travel space. Nora received her bachelor's in Journalism from California State University, Sacramento before graduating from University of Nebraska, Lincoln with a master’s in Professional Journalism. You can follow her travel adventures, and local exploits, on her Instagram account @wanderlust_n_wine.