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Corporate giving: a win-win-win for everyone (sponsored)


Catholic Charities of Northern Nevada encourages local businesses to set up giving programs as the holiday season nears

As the weather turns colder and the global pandemic’s economic impacts continue, more individuals and families in northern Nevada are worried about how they will meet their basic needs such as finding shelter, affording warm coats and clothing and having enough food to sustain themselves and their families. 

“Catholic Charities continues to be blessed by corporate and business donors who help us help others,” said Marie Baxter, CEO of Catholic Charities of Northern Nevada. “Their gifts help us move people from poverty to sustainability. Their generosity helps those in need and makes a meaningful difference in the lives of the thousands of men, women, and children of all faiths that we serve each year here in Northern Nevada.”

Susy Tsai and Hank Dever work in the Warming Center's kitchen.
Susy Tsai and Hank Dever, volunteers at the Warming Center operated by Catholic Charities last winter.
Photo: Ryan McGinnis

Catholic Charities of Northern Nevada serves more than 50,000 people per month right now and helps them answer these heart-breaking questions. Over the past year, the organization has only seen an increase in demand for services and programs. As temperatures drop and financial aid for those impacted by the pandemic continues to dry up in the next few months, they expect to see more people who need their help.

There are many ways to give to Catholic Charities of Northern Nevada, from donating funds to volunteering time. One special way that organizations and businesses can contribute is by setting up a donation drive. 

For example, the team at Ferrari-Lund is supporting our efforts by collecting warm clothing. All three of their locations have a Catholic Charities of Northern Nevada barrel where people can drop off their donations. Savage & Sons recently launched their barrel donation program as well.

In addition to doing a good deed, these organizations will also likely see additional benefits from their generosity when it comes to employee morale. As more teams work remotely, the need to support connection and engagement grows. And studies show that corporate giving efforts can positively influence both of these. According to a LinkedIn Workplace Culture Trends study, almost half of professionals surveyed felt proudest to work for companies that “have a positive impact on society.” Proud employees are engaged employees, and engaged employees are more productive, more successful, and more likely to stay with a company longer.

So, in this case, good begets good. It is the perfect example of a win-win-win situation: becoming a “champion” the company can positively impact their community and engage their workforce, the employees can give back and feel great about the organization they work for, and vulnerable populations can get the resources they need.

Catholic Charities of Northern Nevada can help businesses design a program that works best for their specific organization, including a barrel donation drive that can help collect some of the most needed items, including sleeping bags and blankets, hygiene items, and warm clothing, such as scarves, gloves, coats, socks, hats.

The holiday season can be a time of plenty and abundance for some—and a time of scarcity and fear for others. But, no matter our means, we can all make a difference. 

Many in our community need whatever you have to give. If you have abundance to share and would like to set up a giving program, please contact the Catholic Charities development team by emailing Jennifer Hill, Chief Development Officer, at [email protected].

About Catholic Charities of Northern Nevada

Established in 1941, Catholic Charities of Northern Nevada (CCNN) is a Nevada-based, 501(c) (3) tax-exempt, non-profit corporation operating human service programs including: St. Vincent’s Dining Room, St. Vincent’s Food Pantry, St. Vincent’s Resource Hub, Crossroads Sober Living, Immigration Assistance and others. CCNN is committed to providing help and creating hope in our community. From infants to seniors, CCNN assists approximately 50,000 people per month in northern Nevada.

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