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Crosstown traffic: Yield to the right?

By Eric Marks

Story and Images by Eric Marks

As the rapidly growing population of Reno exceeds its infrastructures, traffic accidents are on the rise. Pedestrian and auto accidents are a daily occurrence in once quiet neighborhoods, and the intersection of Sharlands and Mae Anne avenues is no exception.

Located only a short distance east from the ever-expanding Somersett community in northwest Reno, the…

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cars enter an intersection at Sharlands and Mae Anne avenues.
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Crosstown traffic: Yield to the right?
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Jonathan Alhambra February 14, 2020 - 7:36 pm

It’s all about enforcement. Put an officer or two there in a strategic spot and start handing out 100 tickets a day for running the stop sign and you’ll fix it in a week.


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