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Citizens Hold Meeting on Mt. Rose Traffic Issues

By ThisIsReno


Due to a huge response to a fatal car accident on the intersection of Mt. Rose Highway and Callahan Road last weekend, concerned citizens have called an emergency “Mt. Rose Corridor Traffic Issues Meeting” this coming Wednesday, May 16 at 6:00-8:00 PM at the Tamarack Junction Banquet Room, 13101 S Virginia St, Reno.

This meeting is to call attention to the need for a stop light at the 4-way intersection of Mt. Rose Highway and Callahan Road. We’ll also discuss the ever-increasing traffic along Mt. Rose Corridor, seek solutions caused by overbuilding and address uncontrolled growth in the Mt. Rose corridor in general. This rapid growth has created numerous traffic issues, including congested traffic and resulting accidents. The meeting most affects neighborhoods of the Joy Lake area, St. James’s Village, Montreux, Timberline, Mt. Rose Estates, Callahan Ranch area, Monte Vista, Monte Rosa, Saddlehorn, Rolling Hills, Galena Forest Estates, Galena Country Estates and other nearby areas.

Additionally, there are ongoing traffic issues at Mt. Rose Highway and Edmonton, and Fawn Lane. The County Commissioners have failed to enforce adequate financial support from developers to upgrade the Mt. Rose Corridor to accommodate the thousands of ADDITIONAL car trips/day just within the last three years. What will happen when the new schools, Ascente, Terrascente and several other developments are completed? The Ascente Project alone will add over 1500 car trips/day to the Callahan Rd. intersection, with NO road upgrades mandated.

AGENDA – Mt. Rose Corridor Traffic Issues Meeting, May 16, Tamarack Junction Meeting Room. The agenda for this meeting, to be held from 6-8 pm at the Tamarack Junction Meeting Room: 1- The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the growth and associated impacts on safety on Mt. Rose highway and the steps that are now being taken to address citizen concerns. 2- Mike Lawson, Washoe County Planning Commissioner, will give a brief overview of his background and role as facilitator. 3- Mike Lawson will report on the proposed action being taken by NDOT and explain the process for investigating the problem, identifying a range of solutions, and developing an implementation plan. 4- Mike Lawson will discuss the Ascente Traffic study and mistakes he believes the planning commission and County commissioners made in approving the Tentative Map. 5- Steve Wolgast, Candidate for County Commissioner District 2, will speak to the increasing infrastructure issues due to ongoing inappropriate land use development and how to ensure developers pay the cost for required infrastructure in Washoe County, including road and traffic upgrades. 6- Open discussion for public comments and questions. 7- Discuss next steps.

All Washoe residents are invited and encouraged to attend. NDOT representatives will also be in attendance.

We need your voice to demand Mt. Rose safety upgrades from NDOT and Washoe County Commissioners. We invite you to attend this meeting and bring your Mt. Rose Highway driving experiences, ideas and concerns. We look forward to meeting you on this coming Wednesday, MAY 16 at 6:00 pm at the Tamarack Junction Banquet Room at 13101 S Virginia St, Reno.

For Additional information please call Raphael Barkley at 775-351-9056 or Kris Hemlein at 775-343-9823.


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