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REMSA and Care Flight Recognize Outstanding Achievements At EMS Week Award Ceremony


REMSA and Care Flight Recognize Outstanding Achievements At EMS Week Award Ceremony
Image courtesy of REMSA.

In recognition of EMS (Emergency Medical Services) Week, REMSA and Care Flight recently held its annual EMS Week Awards.

REMSA and Care Flight celebrated and recognized outstanding clinical and service contributions to its ground and air EMS program with medal bar and ONE TEAM awards.

Temple Fletcher, Care Flight manager kicked off the event by being honored for her 33 years of service to REMSA and Care Flight.

The Achievement Medal Award Bar

This award recognizes those who performed outstanding patient care in a time of need.

2019 Recipients:

  • Nick Phillips, AEMT
  • Blake Miller, AEMT
  • Alex Waldron, Communications Specialist
  • Eddie Mutch, Paramedic
  • LeeAnne Goniea, AEMT

The Commendation Medal Award Bar

This award recognizes individuals who displayed exceptional clinical and/or customer-service competence while playing a major role in patient care resulting in improved patient outcomes.

2019 Recipients:

  • Ben Haag, Paramedic
  • Tom Evans, AEMT
  • Tana Dixon, Flight Nurse
  • Geoff Rockhey, Flight Paramedic
  • Nick Lieberman, Paramedic
  • Andrew Murphy, Flight Nurse
  • Chad Midgley, Flight Paramedic


STARCARE was developed more than a decade ago by Thom Dick, a paramedic and journalist. This acronym provides guiding principles and a checklist that can be used to analyze actions within any patient care encounter. It stands for: safe, team-based, attentive to human needs, respectful, customer accountable, appropriate, reasonable and ethical.

Brian Hallauer, paramedic and Chandler Curry, advanced emergency medical technician (AEMT), were selected for exemplifying these STARCARE values.


All REMSA and Care Flight employees are eligible for this award which recognizes the hard work and dedication across all departments and disciplines. Individuals are particularly committed to the organization’s mission, vision and values and consistently exemplifies the culture of ONE TEAM.

Jake Duffy, logistics supervisor and Josh Duffy, logistics supervisor were recognized for their extraordinary achievements, exemplifying the ONE TEAM culture.

The 45th annual National EMS Week started in 1974, when President Gerald Ford authorized EMS Week to celebrate practitioners and the important work they do in our nation’s communities.

EMS Week brings together local communities and medical personnel across the country to honor the dedication of those who provide the day-to-day lifesaving services of medicine’s “front line.”

About REMSA and Care Flight

REMSA is a high-performance, private, locally-governed, non-profit healthcare organization and emergency medical services agency serving northern Nevada since 1986. Through an exclusive franchise agreement, REMSA provides Washoe County’s 420,000 residents with 24/7 ALS and ILS ground ambulance services. REMSA also encompasses Care Flight, a regional helicopter, airplane and ground critical care transport service; Care Flight also operates Care Flight Ground in PlumasCounty. REMSA offers a Nevada-licensed, post-secondary educational institution, a state-of-the-art, fully accredited 9-1-1 dispatch communications center, a Tactical Emergency Medical Support team and special events EMS teams. REMSA and Care Flight are Always Ready.

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