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Giving Thanks: Meet The Abbi Agency

By ThisIsReno

Editor’s note: This Is Reno would like to thank the businesses and organizations that have been supportive of us in the recent past. To say thanks, we offered our ongoing advertisers space to introduce themselves to the other fine folks who keep our operation alive and growing — you, our readers. We’ll be running these features throughout December. Thank you for your support. – Bob

What is The Abbi Agency?

The straightforward answer is that we’re an integrated marketing agency with service lines in digital, creative, PR and public affairs. I consider us a creative content agency specializing in research-backed content and creative to make everything from websites to social media to public relations and beyond dynamic and impactful in the digital age. The majority of our clients consist of travel/tourism brands, real estate endeavors, and government agencies, but we also service a variety of tech and lifestyle brands.

What are you most proud of in recent years?

Where to start — I’m most proud of the incredibly talented team here and the work they’ve produced on behalf of Reno and our clients. For our commitment to providing pro bono and discounted work to so many nonprofits and events that are meaningful to the staff — from the Northern Nevada Children’s Cancer Foundation, MidTown Art Walk, the recent Celebration on the Corridor to launch the Brewery District, down to various business plan competition winners — maintaining a purpose-driven business over profit-driven will always be closest to my heart. While that probably pisses off my accountant, it’s more important the team feels like their passions are embraced while here.

We’ll never fit in a box, and I’ll never ask my staff to be anything other than who they are. They don’t ever have to agree with me or my opinions – because as most people know I have many) – Ty and I have built a ‘come as you are’ culture.

On a personal note, I’m proud to have come from the bottom. We built our business from the ground up, and those who have supported us since then until now, regardless of theirs and my personal opinions, are people I’m so honored to have along for the journey. It’s easy to cheer for the little guy, but even easier to rally against them when they’re no longer the little guy. I’m grateful to have high-integrity partners and friends in this community that are always raw and honest with me.

Why should people support or patronize you?

Come for the people, stay for the thought. Some of the most incredibly talented professionals in Reno work under our roof, and clients get to work directly with them on creative communications projects. The way they think continually blows my mind — creative, intelligent and dedicated team members that approach their work with strategy and integrity at the core are here to provide clients with service and products they wouldn’t get anywhere else.

What are you most proud of?

Personally, I’m the proudest of winning the TMCC and UNR young alumni of the year awards. I was a first-generation college graduate and worked at Applebee’s for almost ten years while going through college (very non-traditional student). Receiving any kind of recognition from both institutions is the highest honor I can share with my kids.

Winning RNR ‘Best of’ awards every year — it’s one of those things that reminds me to stay gritty and a little “out there,” and you’ll continue to make an impression.

Building a business with my husband. He keeps me grounded and sane, supports our team throughout the growth and trials of said growth, and is such a good leader and father.

Again, the team. Their maturity, passion, dedication, humor, appreciation, and amazing souls make it worth getting up and grinding every single day.

How can people get ahold of you?

Abbi Whitaker




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