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The Children’s Cabinet’s Redfield Academy Announced Graduating Class of 2015


image-527x500-1987398-8410346On June 15, 2015, the Children’s Cabinet’s Redfield Academy congratulated the graduating class of 2015, honoring them at a special graduation ceremony the day before at the Governor’s Mansion.

Graduates included:

  • Jeronimo Rangel-Lopez: High School Diploma
  • Jacqulin Acosta: High School Diploma
  • Oscar Garcia: Certificate of Credits and Completion
  • Jose Gonzalez:  Certificate of Credits and Completion
  • Brittany Barreiro: High School Equivalency and Certificate of Completion
  • Josefina Garcia: High school Junior earning Credits and Early Completion

Redfield Academy helps kids catch up on their missing credits to get them back on the path towards earning their high school diplomas and can be found in the Children’s Cabinet’s Wilbur May Youth Center at 777 Sinclair Street.

This “alternative school” helps students for a number of reasons:

  • Smaller classes settings allow teachers and students to be more.
  • Students play a part in developing their academic plans.
  • Case management and counseling services ensure that students follow through with their plans.

“When I first started, I was very unfocused towards getting my credits, because I was very immature. I was also a sophomore with only 4.5 credits, so I thought it would be impossible,” said Redfield Graduate Jose Gonzalez. “With the support of the teachers and many case managers, I got my act together and set a goal for myself promising that I would graduate. Now I can look back and thank all the teachers and staff for never giving up on me and also making it clear that I can be somebody in life.”

The Nevada Department of Education reported a statewide public high school graduation rate of 70 percent that lacks in comparison to the 81 percent national rate. The Children’s Cabinet works with the Washoe County School District and Washoe County Juvenile Services to support students and their families in working towards graduation.

Dropping out has negative personal and societal impacts and dropouts are more likely than high school graduates to live in poverty, be unemployed, receive welfare, be in prison, and to parent children who drop out of school, continuing the cycle. Addressing the dropout crisis is one of the most effective ways to promote long-term community health and economic growth.

“The educational environment at the Redfield Academy helps youth earn and recover credits,” said Lacey Dinius, School Principal of Redfield Academy. “It is also designed to teach students they can be successful in life and change their destinies by taking initiative, addressing challenges, and following through with the action necessary to learn in school and to achieve personal and academic goals.”

For more information please visit www.childrenscabinet.org or call 775-856-0356.

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