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New business launched to help political campaigns, training Sept. 12


Submitted news release:

My Campaign Coach, a division of Agile Campaign Strategies, launches its first training workshop September 12, 2009, 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. The personalized program trains campaign managers to run the campaign so the candidate can run for office. Senior Obama operative David Cohen will instruct participants in the same budget planning and voter communication tactics he used in President Barack Obama’s winning efforts in the General Election battleground states.

“Candidates have training options. If a viable candidate runs for a legislative seat or a statewide office, he or she likely gets support from the political party or elected caucuses, but that doesn’t hold for candidates running for school board or county clerk and independent candidates don’t have the resources at all unless they switch parties,” said Alison Gaulden, President and Chief Motivator. “My Campaign Coach takes the best friend, the spouse, or the family member who is willing but doesn’t know campaign work and turns that volunteer into the manager the candidate needs: cheerleader, orchestrator, fundraiser and more.”

Attendees will learn how to keep motivating progressive candidates to maintain the resolve to win and the rudiments of election campaign strategy. Another critical element in the course is how to resolve differences. Candidates learn how to choose the right campaign manager; campaign managers learn that ultimately it’s the candidates’ campaign. Candidates and campaign managers are encouraged to take the course together.

Other course offerings include campaign modules to help with elements of the campaign, campaign-in-a-box, which trains the candidate and their kitchen cabinet on the building the campaign strategy and how to implement it, or personalized campaign elements. My Campaign Coach also offers consultation services for assistance with problem-solving, tie-breaking or refreshing campaign strategic advice.

Registration must be done online at www.MyCampaignCoach.com. Refreshments provided. Location provided with confirmed registration.

My Campaign Coach is a division of Agile Campaign Strategies, founded by Alison Gaulden. With more than a decade of experience in developing winning campaigns for candidates and issues and two decades of expertise in non-profit and political fundraising assures she is a sought after political expert for local candidates and issues campaigns.

Bob Conrad
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