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Need things to do in Reno this weekend? Head to The ROW (sponsored)


By: Engrid Barnett

Google “things to do in Reno this weekend,” and you’ll get a long list of compelling options. No matter the time of year. These include weekend warrior activities like mountain biking or kayaking and urban-driven pleasures like fine dining or visiting the Nevada Art Museum. But when it comes to favorite Reno resorts? Look no further than The ROW. 

This collection of iconic Reno casino hotels — Eldorado, Silver Legacy, Circus Circus — sits in the heart of the Downtown. It’s your one-stop shop for shopping, dining, entertainment, and endless luxury. The ROW is also vital to the Downtown Reno Partnership, supporting its continued mission of revitalizing the city’s urban core. 

Here’s everything you need to know about what to do in Reno and why The ROW should be at the top of your list. 

The ROW by Caesars Entertainment
Put simply, nothing compares to The ROW in Downtown Reno. Situated in the dynamic center of the “Biggest Little City” (BLC), it offers a one-of-a-kind, unified experience of the area’s top resorts. 

There’s something for everyone. Whether you’re after Old World charm at the Eldorado, luxury at the Silver Legacy, or family fun at Circus Circus. What are a few of the highlights you can expect from The ROW? They include the world-class entertainment and award-winning dining you’ve come to expect from Reno. 

Add to this a luxurious day spa and more than 4,000 rooms and suites with prime views of the city. The ROW encompasses six city blocks with no end of fantastic room choices. Put another way, the resort collection offers the makings of the perfect getaway.

Elevating Reno’s Entertainment and Dining Scenes
The driving force behind The ROW? Don Carano. A man of many talents and titles, he remained an essential fixture of the Reno scene since 1973. That’s when he opened the Eldorado Hotel Casino. 

This represented the first step in a vision to revolutionize the gaming and resort industry. The tools of his trade? Exquisite cuisine and world-class entertainment. 

Speaking about culinary Reno, President and COO of Caesars Entertainment Anthony Carano explains, “Food has always been central to our success. My grandfather used to say, ‘Food is our Sinatra.’ He began our culinary empire right here in Reno.” 

What started with delectable Italian meals served up at the Eldorado has expanded into global culinary traditions and multiple food recognition awards. Today, The ROW reflects an eclectic melting pot of foodie traditions. It also showcases some of the finest eats and treats in the region. Next up for The ROW’s culinary scene? Two new restaurants by Chef Gordon Ramsay.

50 Years in Reno and Welcoming Chef Ramsay 
These restaurants mark the 16th and 17th properties Ramsay has opened with Caesars Entertainment. And they’re sure to pack a flavorful punch. They’ll include Ramsay’s Kitchen and Fish & Chips, located side-by-side in the Silver Legacy.

“Ramsay’s Kitchen and Fish & Chips will be my first establishments in the Reno market,” says the famed chef. “And I’m excited that they’ll be at such an amazing destination. I look forward to introducing both concepts to another great city in Northern Nevada with my long-standing partner, Caesars Entertainment.”

What can we expect from these two new Reno establishments? Ramsay’s Kitchen is a high-end yet approachable dining option. The restaurant will include more than 260 seats and will be located on the mezzanine level of Silver Legacy. Next door, Fish & Chips will offer a casual dining experience. One that focuses on something close to Ramsay’s heart — high-quality comfort food. 

Anthony Carano couldn’t be more excited about this collaboration. “Gordon is an incredible partner. We’re honored he’s part of the Caesars family and thrilled to be bringing Ramsay’s Kitchen and Fish & Chips to Northern Nevada.” This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Eldorado Resort Casino, the perfect time to expand upon The ROW’s incredible culinary heritage. But the fun doesn’t stop there. 

Raising the Bar on the BLC’s Entertainment
The ROW’s focus on diverse and delicious cuisine mirrors its approach to Reno entertainment. “Since 1973, we’ve booked five-star entertainers and provided guests with jaw-dropping residencies along with non-stop nightlife. We take pride in knowing there’s always something happening at The ROW!” 

This includes Cabaret Le Cirque at the posh and historic Eldorado Showroom. A compelling combination of acrobatics and Burlesque elements, it features familiar faces like Alan Silva from America’s Got Talent!

What can you expect from the show? CEO Jay Lodge of Dublin Worldwide Productions says, “Cabaret Le Cirque is bigger and more spectacular than anything we have ever created. We invite you to join our creatures of the underworld on this journey of madness and mystery …. [An] incredible international cast and talented artists make this unique immersive experience one of the most exciting, fun-packed, and breathtaking shows you will ever see!” 

The Good Times Never End
It’s easy to assume high-end cuisine and acclaimed shows are the be-all, end-all of The ROW’s offerings. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. Besides luxurious accommodations and the spa experience of your dreams, The ROW hosts three of Reno’s most celebrated festivals annually. 

Staples of Downtown Reno, they include BBQ, Brews & Blues, the Biggest Little Wing Fest, and The Great Italian Festival. Of these fantastic events, the longest-running remains The Great Italian Festival. For more than four decades, it has welcomed the best in Italian dining to the BLC. 

How did it get started? Gregg Carano reminisces, “As a young boy, my father Don Carano told me to go on Virginia Street and try to sell some of our family’s homemade pasta … Now everyone is lined up to try some of Uncle Willie’s famous Meat Ravioli!” One of the crowning achievements of the region, the festival does more than celebrate the best in Mediterranean Cuisine. It brings people together from all walks of life.

“The Great Italian Festival is near and dear to my heart for a multitude of reasons,” Carano continues. “[Whether] you’re Italian or not, this festival manages to gather individuals from all over Northern Nevada. [Together, they] experience some of our special family traditions and celebrate the Italian culture for a fun-filled weekend!” 

These annual festivals bring a unique flavor and experience to the Downtown. Free to the public, they offer round-the-clock entertainment. You’ll also find — no surprise! — delish food. family-friendly activities, boutique shopping, and much more. At the heart of each festival? Celebrating community through unforgettable experiences. Stay in the loop about The ROW’s events.

Things to Do in Reno This Weekend
When it comes to things to do in Reno this weekend, The ROW’s the place to be. Whether you’re after fine dining, top-notch entertainment, or fun events that bring the Reno-Tahoe community together. And there’s no end to the posh amenities and luxuries you’ll savor while staying at one of its resort properties. 

The Downtown Reno Partnership remains committed to making the BLC one of the nation’s most vibrant and welcoming metropolitan areas. Believing in Reno is more than a mantra. It’s the transformative energy that has and will continue to revitalize and reshape our fantastic civic center. Find out more about what we do and why Reno is where it’s at. 

Engrid Barnett is an award-winning freelance writer based in Reno-Tahoe. Recognized by the Nevada Press Association in 2019, you can find her work in Nevada Magazine, Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, Rova, American Trails, Northern Nevada Business Weekly, Tahoe South, and more.

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