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Jennifer Sweetland is building a beauty empire 


Jennifer Sweetland is a cosmetologist with a knack for business. First a dietitian, she graduated with her bachelor’s in dietetics in 2006 from University of Nevada, Reno. But a lifelong passion for the beauty industry sent the Gardnerville native to cosmetology school in 2010. From there she found her passion in lashes when the industry was still rapidly growing.

“I worked in a salon for two years before I went out on my own and opened Wink Lash Studio,” Sweetland shared. “I had a single room in Arlington Gardens Mall for three-and-a-half years and slowly expanded my business during that time.”

In 2018, Wink became a reality, moving into the Plumgate Shopping Center that Sweetland praises for its midtown location as well as its ease of parking and quality restaurants and retail that bring clients to the area.

With one business thriving in the shopping center, Sweetland was encouraged to open another. She had already grown her team of three lash artists to nine and added a Bath Bar gift retail section to the front of the shop, selling everything from lash products to other beauty goods. In 2019, the plan was to expand Wink’s operations into the space next door, but then, COVID-19 happened.

Instead of bailing, Sweetland pivoted. She tossed the plan of expanding her lash business out the window and decided to focus on a completely new concept. 

“Everyone thought I was crazy,” she laughed. 

Fast-forward three years and Plumb + Pine, Sweetland’s full-service day spa located next door to Wink (rebranded to CLEAR Facial Bar in 2022) is thriving.

The secret to her success is in her approach to cosmetics. At Plumb + Pine, there are a wide range of services – including high-end ones – for clients. Sweetland stays on the cutting edge of technology and innovation in the industry and employs estheticians who share her vision. 

“The confidence clear skin can give clients is unreal and life changing. I want to help everyone feel good in their skin,” she said.

HydraFacials are a popular item on the menu, adding oomph to skin dried by the Reno elements. But for a pioneering spa, that isn’t enough. Sweetland’s technicians also offer up Hydrabooty (a similar service for your derriere) and add-ons to spruce up your legs, eyes, hands, lips and more. 

State-of-the-art equipment in each room allows trained professionals—yes Sweetland invests liberally in her employees’ ongoing education—to provide dermaplaning and osmosis infusion as well as peels and oxygen facials. 

Inside CLEAR. Image courtesy of Jennifer Sweetland. Used with permission.
Inside CLEAR. Image courtesy of Jennifer Sweetland. Used with permission.

One of the largest selling points is the full-service Face Reality Acne program, which includes consultations and single or ongoing treatments for acne-prone skin with seriously impressive results.

“Both businesses offer top of the line services and skincare lines we use in treatment and retail,” Sweetland said of Plumb + Pine and CLEAR. “All of our estheticians have the best training and ongoing education.”

While Plumb + Pine remains the day spa side of the business, CLEAR focuses on express services. Here you can get a 30-minute facial, partake in waxing services, give your brows attention or provide your face a refresh with a brand-new set of lashes. 

CLEAR is also open to spa parties and is beginning to host community classes in acne treatment.

“I created CLEAR to serve clients on a time crunch but who wanted to keep their skin in tip-top shape,” Sweetland explained.

Sweetland describes her businesses as sisters, not competitors. They complement each other instead of stealing focus, so keeping them next door isn’t problematic. In fact, it’s convenient.

“They are completely different,” she assured.

For now, Sweetland is satisfied with where both of her businesses are. It has, after all, been a busy few years of expansion and change. But that doesn’t mean she won’t get the itch to add to her thriving cosmetics portfolio eventually. If you ask her, she’s content, but, she adds, “you never know.”

More: https://www.plumbandpine.com/

Nora Tarte
Nora Tarte
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