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Judge revokes licenses at October disciplinary hearing (sponsored)


On October 8, 2021, the Honorable Philip M. Pro (ret.) proceeded as the Administrative Law Judge for a Disciplinary Hearing against Cat Detailing LLC d/b/a Bolmer Restoration, License No. 0072647; Cat Detailing LLC, d/b/a Bolmer Restoration License No. 0072647; Luft Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC, License No. 0075978, and Luft Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC, d/b/a Rooter Man, License No. 0081183. The Manager, Managing Member, CMS, and Trade Qualifier for all four licenses is Eduardo Guadalupe Arredondo. The hearing was based on a complaint filed by the Nevada State Contractors Board against the Respondents, alleging 109 violations of the Nevada Revised Statute 624 involving 17 homeowners. 

Judge Pro ordered all four licenses Revoked as of October 8, 2021, and that the following fines and costs be paid to the Board: Bolmer Fine: $663,550; Rooterman Fine: $112,750; Board Investigative Costs: $75,715

Judge Pro also ordered the following: 

  • The Principals on the above licenses are prohibited from serving as QE/QI for any licensed contractor in the State of Nevada.
  • The Principals on the above licenses are required to pay fines/costs before applying for a license.
  • Financially harmed homeowners may be eligible for relief through the Residential Recovery Fund administered by the NSCB. 

The Nevada State Contractors Board is committed to protecting the public’s health, safety, and welfare through licensing and regulation of the construction industry. Under Nevada Revised Statutes, a licensee is subject to disciplinary action by the Board for failure to comply with the requirements of the laws or regulations governing contractors. Violations may result in Board action against the contractor’s license. The State Contractors Board has the power to regulate contractors and discipline licensees who violate NRS 624. Disciplinary action may consist of a fine, order corrective action, suspension, revocation or other action.

NRS 624.212(7) allows an unlicensed individual who was issued a cease and desist order to petition the Board in writing to lift or alter the order within 15 days after receiving the cease and desist order. Upon receipt of this request, the Board will schedule an administrative hearing to review the facts and make a determination on the validity of the cease and desist order and assess any fines or costs that may be associated with the investigation.

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