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PHOTOS: Reno Aces take on Tacoma Rainiers in nail-biter of game


The Tacoma Rainiers held the lead on Friday against the Reno Aces by one point until the bottom of the seventh inning. That’s when the Aces’ Christian Walker cracked a home run over the back fence, tying up the game. 

Neither team managed a run during the eighth or ninth innings. The tenth inning, however, started just as the clock hit 10 p.m. Fans were on the edge of their seats in the brisk night air, knowing either team was on the edge of victory. 

Tacoma went to bat and managed to get on base, but the Washington team failed to get any additional runs. The Aces where up next. Fans cheered, hoping the home team could bring home a victory. 

The Aces’ Camden Duzenack managed to get on base, but it was Drew Ellis who had a hit that brought Duzenack home and a win for the Aces.

Aces players rushed the field with joy, fans were on their feet and cheers came from every corner of Greater Nevada Field. 

A hard-fought victory had been won. Gleeful fans left the stadium on a summer night as Reno begins recovering from the pandemic. It was a game well-played, and some memories were made.  

View photos from the game below.

Ty O'Neil
Ty O'Neil
Ty O’Neil is a lifelong student of anthropology with two degrees in the arts. He is far more at home in the tear gas filled streets of war torn countries than he is relaxing at home. He has found a place at This Is Reno as a photojournalist. He hopes to someday be a conflict photojournalist covering wars and natural disasters abroad.