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PHOTOS: The Baileys celebrate at Pignic

By Tony Contini

There’s no better place than a living room to watch a father and son play music.

Johnny Bailey and his pops Glenn Bailey, AKA Max Volume of KOZZ radio fame, threw a party/concert at Pignic Pub and Patio as a dual celebration. They toasted Johnny’s return to the mainland from Hawaii and Glenn’s birthday.

Both sang and played oldies with a little wiggle room for jamming.

 The voice of Reno radio, between sets, created great downtime banter and plugs for the newest release from his son’s band, Rigorous Proof.

After hobbling for a drink on a freshly broken foot, Johnny played a solo set. He performed tunes off of RG’s “Postmodern Apocalypse” and a killer cover of INXS’ “Never Tear us Apart.”

After most songs, Johnny’s catchphrase, “That’s right,” was shouted from local musician Spike McGuire and assorted other loud folk.

“Anyways… here’s Wonderwall,” Johnny said before tearing into fan-favorite “AK-47.”

The Baileys opened the stage up to local artists Greg Gilmore, of Reno rock band Silver, and McGuire, founder of Loud As Folk.

“Happy birthday to the voice of Reno,” McGuire said. “And the most handsome man in Reno… in the over-60 category.”

Glenn finished with an original tune and a Sublime cover. He thanked his family and friends filling the house-turned-bar’s living room.

Then on my way down the steps of Pignic, I had the sudden urge to head on down to Bizarre Guitar.

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