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SnapDesk startup bridges communication gap

By ThisIsReno

Designed to host text messaging solutions for small businesses and their clients, SnapDesk innovates the way businesses communicate with their customer base by bringing a next-generation mobile app with a new standard of customer service to the greater Reno area.

Started by brother duo Clint and Cory Vernon and joined by co-founders Kyle Kuczynski and Jason Molt, their conversational and collaborative mobile platform provides features that turn automated customer text messages into real-time conversations. SnapDesk’s functionality allows for a simple login where the business user can: organize clients, set up invoice and payment text reminders, schedule appointments, access documents from anywhere, and integrate client QuickBooks Online information.

“We see a shift in the need for conversational and collaborative business text messaging,” said Clint Vernon, Chief Executive Officer. “We believe the tools you use to get the job done should be accessible, easy and intuitive and we are so excited to launch in the Reno community.”

Unlike traditional business text messaging platforms, SnapDesk’s instant features make sending and receiving messages easier than having to write out an email. According to SnapDesk, personalization tags (messages) help keep text message templates and conversations feeling warm, friendly and personal.

“In order to meet customer needs and stay competitive in the 21st century, our platform offers a high-performance experience by incorporating API Integrations, Rich Communication Services, and Automated Workflows, and AI and Natural Language Processing with text messaging,” said Cory Vernon, Co-Founder, and Lead Developer.

SnapDesk offers five SMS text message credit packages to choose from, starting at $19.99 per month.

“It was through working with my own family business that I realized the need for a better way to communicate with customers and manage that communication,” said Clint Vernon.  “That’s how SnapDesk was born with our team of experts; my brother Cory, our CMO, Kyle Kuczynski, and our CTO, Jason Molt.”

Visit snapdesk.app to find more information and start a free 14-day trial.

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