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PHOTOS: Kids skate with Ryan Reaves at hockey clinic

By Ty O'Neil
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Hockey player Ryan Reaves, right winger for the Las Vegas Golden Knights, hosted a free youth hockey clinic Sunday at the Rink at THE ROW. Kids 13 and under had the chance to learn from and skate alongside Reaves.

While the event did not really focus on the “clinic” part of the afternoon, kids enjoyed the opportunity to play and skate alongside Reaves.

After a quick meet-and-greet and some skating around, Reaves and volunteers organized the kids into separate teams for some five-on-five play, with Reaves scoring on both goals. While there were two goals, only one goalie was in attendance: 11-year-old Trinity Heddlesten. Heddlesten took shots from fellow kids, volunteers, and even Reaves. While a few managed to slip by, Heddlesten kept a cool head and had some great saves.

Heddlesten and most of the youth in attendance wore white t-shirts reading #MakeRenoIceHappen. The hashtag is part of a campaign to bring an ice rink to South Reno. The nearest full size, year-round ice rink is in South Lake Tahoe.

Learn more about #MakeRenoIceHappen at: https://renoice.org/