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Presidential Candidate Williamson speaks in Sparks


Presidential candidate Marianne Williamson spoke on Thursday in Sparks to a yoga studio full of nearly 80 interested audience members. She talked for nearly an hour about issues that she said were near and dear to her campaign.


“I believe we need to look at politics the way you look at going to a doctor,” she said. “You don’t expect the doctor to not be real with you. We need to have a transformational politics that causes a real change.”

A common phrase Williamson stated during her speech was the “need to get real.”

She made reference to the shooting on Thursday in Santa Clarita, Calif., where six students were shot, and two died.

Williamson said this was symptom of what she sees as going on negatively to the children of America and furthering a state of trauma that is affecting American children.

She called for the creation of a cabinet level agency, a Department of Children and Youth. The agency’s mission would be to address and coordinate said issues of this nature.

“There’s a transformational principle that we’re all 100 percent responsible for our own life experiences,” she explained. “And I look at the current administration is kind of like an opportunistic infection. It wouldn’t have happened had there not been a societal weakened immune system. But the good news is, we can change it.”

In an interview with Williamson, she said: “As you know I’m running for president. And as you know, that is a caucus state. So that’s what you do on a presidential campaign you talk to voters. I think Americans are deeply concerned about the state of our country. And today, particularly … we had our 30th school shooting this year.

“Last I heard two children who died. Americans are good people, we’re decent people. We know that this is not the way it’s supposed to be, and I think that people are grateful that there is the opportunity to go deeper and have a deeper conversation, not just about something but about cause, I felt that in the room tonight.”

Williamson is among 18 Democrats seeking the nomination to run against President Trump in 2020. She is a spiritually-based author and activist.

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