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Fashion Show Highlights Local Fashion Designers


While there were more female than male models, the guys that did walk did so with panache.

View a photo gallery below.

The 8th annual Reno Fashion Show too place Saturday night at Harrah’s Convention Center in downtown Reno. The event featured 13 designers, most from Northern Nevada and a few from Project Runway.

Models auditioned for the show in June, and many who walked the runway Saturday night were locals. Maria Segura made a particular effort at diversity, including a transgender model and a model with down syndrome. All were greeted with applause by the audience.

Men’s and women’s clothes were featured, and the lines included everything from cotton t-shirts to formal gowns to lingerie, and everything in between. Models pranced down a long runway flanked on both sides by an enthusiastic and supportive audience. People cheered the models and danced in their seats to the funky soundtracks.

The 13 designers featured were:

  • Maurice’s
  • Edward Coleman Designs
  • Art of Maria Segura Fashion
  • FTL
  • Taylor Uchytil
  • Nikki Jay Clothing
  • Home Means Nevada Co.
  • Enchanted Boutique
  • Sweet Like Honey
  • Apricot Lane
  • .wavcheck
  • Culture
  • Richard Hallmarq
Andrea Laue
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