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Nevada’s Equestrian News Source Takes Home National Awards


Sagebrush Rider, a Nevada equestrian news source, recently received five awards at the Equine Media Awards, a national competition. The online news publication received first, second, and an honorable mention for a featured single article, as well as first and second in the horse-care category.

Image: Ty O’Neil.

Editor and publisher, Samantha Szesciorka, sat down with me to discuss the success of Sagebrush Rider.

Szescoirka said that she entered the competition not expecting to win but to use the contest as a learning experience. She found out that Sagebrush Rider was nominated as a finalist and traveled to New Mexico to attend the awards event. She learned of her multiple awards as they were read aloud.

The publication is just over a year old. It is online only and is focused on horse issues and events in Nevada, making it distinctive compared to the many East Coast-based equine publications.

Szescoirka said that being online allows her to publish articles when she sees fit, whereas a monthly print magazine has a preset publication date.

Szesciorka also mentioned she has an upcoming article talking about how Reno can attract more equine based events to the area.

Learn more about Sagebrush Rider’s award-winning work: https://sagebrushrider.com/news/nevadas-equestrian-community-shines-at-equine-media-awards/


Watch an interview with Szesciorka when she returned from her marathon, multi-month long ride around Nevada in 2016. (Disclosure: ThisisReno helped to sponsor her ride.)

Ty O'Neil
Ty O'Neil
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