Heterophobia: ‘Reverb-y, Punky, Arty’ Music For Fans

Heterophobia is a queer punk band from Reno, Nevada.

1. How did you get started and who are your fans?

Jace: Making chiptunes and getting pissed that there isn’t a scene for it. I got really into AJJ and became obsessed with writing folk songs. I don’t know who our fans are? All sorts of weirdos? How do I answer that? 
Alex: I was already really into Heterophobia; they needed a guitar guy and I had both the time and energy to be that guitar guy. Our fans are mostly people with excellent taste.
 Cactus: Playing along with headphones and I have no fans.
 Bread: I picked up a bass when I was a teen because music seemed like a healthy outlet for my angst. Also: we have fans? I kind of assumed my friends were the only ones who begrudgingly listen out of obligation.

2. How would you describe your sound and style?

Jace: Reverb-y, punky, arty.
 Alex: Massive riffs, animal drums.
 Bread: I grew up listening to simple three-chord stuff, so that’s basically what I learned to play and my style formed from that.

3. Who are you most inspired by?

Jace: Issac Brock, J. Macis, Thurston Moore/Lee Ronaldo, Kurt Cobain, Les Claypool/Ler LaLonde and Gerard Way
. Alex: Sunny Day Real Estate, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Get-Up Kids, At the Drive-In, Japandroids; that sort of thing
. Cactus: Tony Royster Jr and Keith Moon
. Bread: Personally, my bandmates and my totally awesome girlfriend. Musically I grew up wanting to be somewhere between Matt Freeman, Andrew Seward, and Hunter Burgan. Theatrically, it’s all Bowie.

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4. Where do you see yourself in five years?

Jace: Still writing, recording, gigging and touring, hopefully in a more stable, comfy way.
 Alex: Do they still do the Grammys?
 Cactus: Touring on a regular basis in a comfortable vehicle.
 Bread: Ideally, trying to figure out how to file my taxes without a W-2. It’s be pretty dope to have Heterophobia be my main source of income.

5. How can people get a hold of you?

Jace: Insta or facebook.
 Alex: We’re putting together a bat-signal type situation. Gotta get it past the censors first.
 Bread: Instagram @heterophobia666 and Facebook Heterophobia are good bets.

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