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Vegan Chef Challenge Makes Its Way To Reno

By Kylie Masznicz

Inspired by the Sacramento Vegan Chef Challenge, this year Reno will be holding their own challenge to restaurants, bars, and the likes. The Vegan Chef Challenge is an opportunity to diversify the menu at local eateries for more plant-based options. A number of establishments around Reno/Sparks will be participating to see who can best impress the masses without using any animal by-products.

Vegan is a dietary lifestyle that doesn’t incorporate foods like dairy, eggs, meat, honey, or any other product that comes from animals.

The vegan lifestyle is beginning to become more widespread and popular, partially due to events like these which inspire the movement. A vegan diet brings with it many health benefits as well as environmental advantages.

Of course, you don’t need to be vegan to participate in the challenge. Gehn Shibayama, one of the organizers of the Reno Vegan Chef Challenge, said that “according to the organizers of the Sacramento Vegan Chef Challenge, of the people that go out to eat and participate in voting afterward, less than half self-identify as strict vegan or vegetarian. More and more these days everyone wants to have healthy plant-based options when dining out.”

The event will take place during the entirety of April with the winning dishes in each category announced in early May. The winners will be dependent on the community going out and trying the new vegan dishes. Photos, comments, and overall dining experience will all be considered when deciding the winner.

Don’t be shy to go out and try a new dish at your favorite restaurant, or discover new places around town. Participating in this event is not only fun but will help out members of the community trying to better our big little city.


Web: https://renoveganchefchallenge.com/restaurants

Instagram: renoveganchefchallenge

If you’d like your restaurant to participate, please e-mail [email protected]