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Silverman: Open Letter Regarding City Council Appointment


Submitted by Noah Chubb-Silverman

Noah Chubb-Silverman

To the Reno Community,

I am proud to run for the city council appointment, for the at-large seat.

I’m running for this seat because as a Reno native, a business owner, and an advocate, I want to help lead this city in its growth.

With more than 12 years of experience as an advocate for community building and responsible infrastructure development, I believe I have the leadership to work with the council and community members of all walks, to improve our city, in support of our strategic priorities.

I have three city strategies that I hope to affect change in policy, they are:

Well-managed growth for our housing and infrastructure, improving our business environment, and supporting our vibrant neighborhoods, through the improvement of our tree management plan.

I look forward to the opportunity to continue to support building the City of Reno as the at-large council member.

Noah Chubb-Silverman

Owner, Noah’s Park Tree Care
Executive Director, Reno Bike Project

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