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Supercharging Success With ‘Reno Rising’

By Victoria Janicke
Image: Victoria Janicke.
Image: Victoria Janicke.

Image: Victoria Janicke.

Reno’s own Erin “Dr. Erin” Oksol, co-author of “Reno Rising,” is spearheading a movement to transform Reno into an exemplary business community of conscientious leaders through the data-driven psychology of success and the science of high-performance.

This past Saturday, September 8, 2018, Oksol held her third workshop to engage and motivate attendees’ purpose and passion in life into one of high performance.

Core to her approach is to help foster a creative and supportive environment for personal, professional, and community growth. Her workshops are geared to supercharge small business success.

Most notably, Reno is set as the example of a city where second chances are transformed into success and where one can rise to the best version of oneself.

Other states and cities are looking to replicate the heart and soul that Reno is rising to be. Entrepreneurs, organizations, and companies from Boise, Idaho to Los Angeles are coming in to be a part of the movement, learn more about resiliency and “failing forward” to embrace the fear that change brings.

Oksol and the co-authors of “Reno Rising” focus on teaching the science and psychology of overcoming significant obstacles and transforming them into a life of high performance.

In a collaborative effort, workshop attendees, guests, and speakers spoke passionately about navigating through serious adversity in their lives and how they “failed forward.”

Kimberly Keese, a local boutique owner, put the essence and meaning of many shared common themes and the path to success quite succinctly: “It’s about finding clarity and direction in your work.”

Oksol’s combination of fact and compassion calls on all looking for purpose and/or professional growth:

“The world needs you to do your thing. You are the expert of something amazing in your life. You matter. Success and high performance aren’t magic. It’s science and not set aside only for the lucky, the educated or the rich. This isn’t about perfection, it’s about you and your purpose in life.”

Information: https://www.renorising.com/

Image: Victoria Janicke.

Image: Victoria Janicke.

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