Local Band Alert: 8-Track Maniacs

Lisa McCuiston and Curt Mitchell of 8-Track Maniacs. Image: John Tuckness

Local Band Alert: ThisisReno takes a closer look at local bands in this series of 5-minute interviews. This week we chat with 8-Track Maniacs.

Carson City/Reno area power trio 8-Track Maniacs revel in the glory of music released on ‘70s-era 8-track cassettes: Thin Lizzy, AC/DC, Fleetwood Mac, Robin Trower, ZZ Top, Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, and more.

Current members include, Curt Mitchell (guitar, vocals), Lisa McCuiston (bass, vocals), and Dean Rossi (drums). Each band member received a Forte Award at the 2017 event. McCuiston took home honors for best female vocalist, and together the trio won for best tribute band as members of The Floyd, a regional favorite that commonly plays larger theater venues.

Dean Rossi
Dean Rossi, drummer for 8-Track Maniacs. Image: John Tuckness

I caught up with Dean Rossi after one of the band’s gigs to talk about the band.

ThisisReno: Who came up with the band name and logo and what is its meaning, if there is one?

Rossi: Lisa came up with the name. Due to our genre, classic rock, we decided that we would stick with the music one would have found on 8-tack tapes. Adding ‘Maniacs’ made it catchy and kind of describes our personalities.

TIR: What is the band’s favorite song to play?

Rossi: Unanimously, we enjoy playing the AC/DC songs. Lisa especially finds them cathartic to sing. We agree it’s hard to pick a favorite since we enjoy playing all the songs so much. Others high on the list are the Thin Lizzy songs, and our seven-song Led Zeppelin medley.

TIR: How often does the band practice?

Rossi: As often as possible. Currently, more or less once a week.

Lisa McCuiston of 8-Track Maniacs.
Lisa McCuiston of 8-Track Maniacs. Image: John Tuckness

TIR: What do you think of Reno’s music scene?

Rossi: Love it! Just enough of us old-timers still kickin’ to rock the town and show the kids how it’s done. Yet, just enough kids to remind us old-timers that we’re getting old and keep the scene fresh and full of new energy and ideas.

I’ve seen these guys and gal play live in both of the bands they play in (8-Track Maniacs and The Floyd). McCuiston’s vocals are very good, and her Forte Award recognition is well deserved. When she is in The Floyd, her rendition of “The Great Gig In The Sky” in my opinion is better than the original. She gets standing ovations every time they do a show. Mitchell and Rossi are also top of the line musicians in their own right.

If you get the chance to see these guys in either band, don’t hesitate. Get your ticket and enjoy the show. For alerts on upcoming shows, find 8-Track Maniacs on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/8-Track-Maniacs-1491012457873869/

Remember to always support your local bands and venues … Go to a Show!

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