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REVIEW: The Aptly Named Unbelievables Truly Unbelievable

By Nick McCabe

‘Tis the season to be jolly. Time to decorate the home, visit the mall, do your online shopping, battle the crowds, get stuck in traffic, prepare for visitors, etc. It is a joyous time of year, but it can take its toll on a person. A little decompression can be rejuvenating. Wanna’ get away? Have I got a show for you!

I had just such a day recently. It continued at a manic pace up until I parked in the Eldorado garage to see “The Unbelievables” in the Eldorado Theatre. The show began with the host for the evening, a very funny British comedian and sleight of hand artist bringing two youngsters up on stage to participate in a magic trick mixed with lots of jokes. After this the whole cast came out for an introductory bow after which a trapeze artist took the stage for some great maneuvers. By now the tensions of the day were already gone from my mind.

After this a gentleman came to the stage who balanced himself on a bottle by putting his finger in the neck and lifting himself upside down with his legs in the air. As if that wasn’t amazing enough, then he put a soccer ball on top of the bottle and balanced on his head while spinning hoops on both arms and legs at the same time. Unbelievable!

There was also a magician and a juggler who took their turns on stage. Late in the program an absolutely amazing contortionist… Wait. I’m sorry. An unbelievable contortionist twisted herself into positions and shapes that would have put the rest of us in the hospital. The moans and cheers from the audience confirmed the unbelievable nature of what she was doing.

When was the last time you saw some really unbelievable shadow puppets? Well, it’s time for a refresher. Besides comedy and magic our host for the evening presented a short shadow puppet skit on a large screen. It was believable!

A Chinese acrobatic team did some wonderful lifting and balancing. There was music, dancing, and singing too.

The producers saved the star of the show for last. It’s hard to not fall in love with a dog act. Sara and her dog Hero, finalists on last season’s “America’s Got Talent” were the stars of this show. I taught my dog to sit and play dead. Sara actually had two dogs that maneuvered through obstacles, jumped rope, climbed on Sara’s back, balanced on her feet, and on and on.

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The crowd was very vocal in its appreciation of all the acts. Ooh’s, aaahh’s, laughing, cheering, and clapping were the chorus of the evening. After the show the cast was out in front of the theater greeting guests and taking pictures with them. There is absolutely no way you could walk away from this show without a smile on your face, a song in your heart, and a spirit free of the hardships of the day.

This show will be in the Eldorado Theatre daily through Dec. 31, except Mondays, with matinees on Saturdays and Sundays. Take the family out for something fun and different. You won’t regret it. For tickets and information visit https://www.eldoradoreno.com/event/shows/unbelievables.

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