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REVIEW: Santa’s Christmas Wonderland at The Eldorado

By Nick McCabe
Santas Christmas Wonderland
Santa’s got moves. Photo: Nick McCabe

Wednesday was media night for the Christmas show at The Eldorado, which meant we got to see this year’s holiday show. It is a fantastic Christmas show featuring great dancers and singers who were running through one Christmas classic after another, and of course Santa was on hand.

There’s absolutely no doubt that Santa’s Christmas Wonderland is a show for the entire family. As I watched from my seat I looked around at all the smiling faces of the children and it was magical. In front of me was a young girl standing by her seat clapping and waving as Santa danced around on stage. I might add that this was the most flexible Santa I’ve ever seen.


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Besides Santa there were Christmas trees, sleighs, and a huge number of singers and dancers. Frosty the Snowman even made an appearance. The dancers came and went making many costume changes as the show moved from one Christmas song to another. Santa sat himself on the edge of the stage and talked to the crowd at one point, and even came into the audience and greeted the children.

For this show the Eldorado has reconfigured the stage back to a previous setup that affords the room for such a large show. There were 27 performers on stage at the same time. That’s a lot of singing and dancing!

Every year Eldorado has a special Christmas show and this is probably the Christmasiest one yet. If you need to get out of the house with the family there’s absolutely nothing that will be more entertaining for the kids than this.

This show runs through Dec. 29.

Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased at Santa’s Christmas Wonderland , or Eldoradoreno.com

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