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The Illusionists Experience at The Eldorado



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The Illusionists Experience, an absolutely mesmerizing comedy and magic show presented by The Row, is alive and well on stage in The Eldorado Showroom through the summer and beyond. I recently attended this show and was amused, amazed, baffled, befuddled, bewildered, thrilled, and completely entertained.

The show features five illusionists from around the world, all with impressive resumes full of television appearances and awards of recognition in their fields.

As you enter the theater the performers are mingling with the crowd doing magic one on one to the delight of both adults and children alike. The Trickster, David Williamson, was in the center round stage area flinging playing cards to audience members up to 40 and 50 feet away. As I was taking photos he flung one at me and got a direct hit on my forehead. Magically, it did not stick.

Along with the comedy magic of The Trickster, there are The Mentalist, Chris Cox, who pulls off some amazing mind reading feats, The Escapist, Krendl, who of course, escapes, The Showman, Valentin, who performs both close up and large scale magic, and The Manipulator, Hyun Joon Kim, a slight of hand artist.

There is lots of audience participation all through the show. Even the children get to be involved. These guys will have you laughing out loud, and staring in awe as you try to figure out how they do what they do.

The grand finale of the show is an escape from Harry Houdini’s Water Filled Torture Cell by Krendl. This is not a trick. Krendl is locked in a water filled glass cell, handcuffed and hanging by his ankles, and he has to escape before he runs out of breath. You’ve got to see this to believe it.

This show is a great evening out for the entire family. The theater is small enough that there are no bad seats, plus there is a large video screen that shares the close-up magic with the help of a camera crew that is right up close to the action.

Nick McCabe
Nick McCabe
Nick McCabe is a Reno-based photojournalist and musician. He’s been shooting concerts in the Reno-Tahoe area since 2006 and writing articles and reviews since 2012, as well as doing interviews on occasion. His musical education and playing experience goes back to 1967. He is a founding member of the Reno Tahoe Forte’ Awards, and he still plays music locally for enjoyment. First concert: Jimi Hendrix. Last concert: we’ll see.




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