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VIDEO: What’s In A Flood Project?

By ThisIsReno


The Truckee River Flood Management Project is designed to protect the Truckee Meadows community from the devastating effects of high flood events.

As part of its mission, the Truckee River Flood Management Authority (TRFMA) has partnered with numerous local, state and federal agencies, and nonprofit organizations to restore the lower Truckee River (from Vista to Pyramid Lake).

The Lockwood project seeks to restore approximately 0.6 river miles at Lockwood, located along the Lower Truckee River and currently owned by Washoe County. The project includes construction of new river meanders, in-stream riffles, and wetland areas. Following earth-moving activities, about 30 acres will be re-vegetated with native riparian and upland plants.

This area provides a variety of ecosystem services benefits for our community. They include:

  • Attenuation of floodwaters, and mitigation of the effects of increased peak flows due to upstream flood control measures.
  • Restoration of the structure and function of the river ecosystem.
  • Establishment of the habitat for native wildlife species, including threatened and endangered fish species.
  • Reduction of existing infestations and control the spread of invasive weeds.
  • Improvement of water quality.

This project restored 0.6 miles of river channel, and created 36.6 acres of native habitat.


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