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Knowing Your Rights as a Tenant


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Disagreements between a landlord and tenant are fairly common. Dealing with these problems can be excruciatingly frustrating to deal with on your own, so why not hire a good lawyer to help you navigate the situation?

These are among the most common real estate cases. While a good lease can dictate protection and support a mutually beneficial relationship between a landlord and their tenant, there are many instances where bad leases aren’t vetted beforehand and come up later in court.

You should always have legal documents reviewed by someone who knows exactly what to look for. At Winter Street Law Group, commercial and residential leases are not expensive to have reviewed and/or drafted and can protect parties on either end of the contract.

Here are several other instances when you may want to seek out professional advice:

  • Your landlord is evicting you (with or without court procedures). There are specific procedures for evicting someone. If your landlord isn’t following local and state law or you need assistance determining whether or not your landlord is in compliance with the law, you should contact a lawyer immediately.
  • Your landlord won’t make necessary repairs.
  • Your landlord is discriminating against you.
  • Promises made by your landlord aren’t being fulfilled.
  • Your property has been damaged.
  • You have moved out and your landlord refuses to return your security deposit or provide you an itemized breakdown of how your security deposit was used within 30 days of your departure.

Need affordable legal advice? Call Winter Street Law Group for a free consultation at 775-786-5800.


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