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Reese for School Board: Parent, Teacher, Communicator



Building trust. Communicating with voters. Impacting the community in a positive way. Putting students first. These are the building blocks of a great school district that must start with a strong school board.

One of the most important ways to establish this secure foundation is to effectively communicate with voters and community stakeholders; information on what the Board is doing and the reasoning behind its decisions is one of the best ways to build trust and make the WCSD Board of Trustees an entity of which the taxpayers can be proud.

As a single parent of three Washoe County students and a high school English teacher to at-risk teens, I want to bring knowledge and experience from the trenches to be an advocate of positive change on the Board of Trustees.

RTT Ad AlternativeAfter attending nearly every Board meeting in the last six months and visiting district facilities, I see how much work the Board of Trustees must tackle. While the negative press had been out there, I also acknowledge all of the wonderful things that those in the trenches are doing. Our teachers are recognized nationally as being at the forefront of innovative instruction. Our students are rising above the stain of national rankings and representing our district and state as leaders in STEAM, debate, academics and National Scholars.

As a professional communicator and community collaborator, I want to use my awareness and leadership to build upon the work the district is attempting, to change the tone-deafness that has been perceived in the last few years.

My promise to you is that I will do my absolute best in being available for community members who have feedback and concerns. I will effectively communicate information and details to empower citizens to understand what is going on with education, our future leaders, and those who create the backbone of our society. I will be transparent and bold, making independent and fiscally responsible decisions, so that those impacted by the Board’s management can begin to be confident in the direction of our community’s educational infrastructure.

Reno and the surrounding areas are a place I am proud to call home. An empowered and transparent education system will be the catalyst behind making our community strong, stable and attractive to the businesses, tourists and homebuyers of our future. As I embark on being your next school board member for District D, I am grateful and blessed to be able to serve as a mature and collaborative representative of genuine change for our Board of Trustees.

Emily Reese is running for the WCSD Board of Trustees District D. This includes areas zoned for Wooster and Reno high schools, primarily the neighborhoods west of I-395 and south of I-80. For more information about Emily and to find out what district you are in for voting purposes, visit emilyforwcsd.com or contact her at [email protected]. You can also visit her Facebook page at Emily Reese for WCSD Board of Trustees District D.

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