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Nevada Initiative to Diversify Economy


CARSON CITYRCM Realty Group and Northern Nevada Development Authority (NNDA) have announced the first official NNDA Nevada Certified Site. The industrial site encompasses about 46 acres on Arrowhead Drive in Carson City near the airport and will feature multiple access points to the airport.

“We are very proud to own the property that has become the first Certified Site in the State of Nevada,” said RCM Realty Group co-owner Mark Turner. “This designation will help businesses looking to expand or relocate to Northern Nevada feel comfortable. All of the decision-making information they need is now available through NNDA helping to solve any problems up front.”

“The Certified Sites program is focused on economic development that will help diversify the economies in the rural areas of Northern Nevada,” Property Owner Bill Miles said. “The Nevada legislature recently passed AB 161, which gives partial sales and personal property tax abatements to companies that own, operate, manufacture, service, test or assemble aircraft or aircraft components. Because of the location of the property and these new tax laws, property owners felt Arrowhead Drive would be ideal for certification. It’s a win-win for all involved to attract companies here for economic development in Nevada’s growing aviation industry.”

“Whether a company relocates to Lake Tahoe, the Tahoe-Reno Industrial Center, or Carson City it demonstrates that the State is interested in attracting quality business and manufacturers, as well as quality employees in higher paying jobs,” Miles said.

“NNDA is at the forefront of implementing the certified sites process,” Turner said. “RCM Realty Group is coming in on the ground floor. When companies shop for a landing place for their business in Nevada they will see that we’ve done all of the heavy lifting for them. This will allow decision makers to arrive at a good decision quickly and they don’t have to take months of time to do necessary upfront work.”

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