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Does TMWA Have a Water Conservation Program for Restaurants? Fact-Check Friday


water_glass_by_emptypulchritude-d5bwg4g-300x275-4751208-7518109After last week’s fact-check column about the Reno Gazette-Journal‘s water use, a reader wrote to ThisisReno asking why TMWA doesn’t have a mandatory water conservation program for restaurants.

The short answer is that TMWA does have a program for restaurants, but it is not mandatory, as TMWA’s calls for water conservation for all consumers to date have been voluntary.

It’s voluntary for two reasons: 1. past calls for conservation have been successful, and 2. TMWA has reserves for nine years of drought. In short, it’s not yet time for mandatory restrictions that are facing parts of California.

TMWA sent in April a letter to restaurants and 25 table tent cards for establishments to use, encouraging consumers to conserve water by requesting water rather than restaurants automatically serving it.

TMWA also notified customers in June about the request to restaurants. Read both the announcement and letter below.

Do you know of a business that’s conserving water? Please let us know in the comments below.

Get more water conservation tips here: http://save.tmwa.com/.


Conservation Champions: Our local restaurants

Businesses are saving, too. In April, TMWA sent out tabletop tent-cards to area restaurants to help promote the conservation message. The cards are being placed on dining tables to raise awareness of responsible water use, as well as help restaurants conserve by not automatically serving water. This also reduces dishwashing.

We have received calls, e-mails and Facebook posts from our customers, letting us know about restaurants that are participating. At press time, we know of the following restaurants that are on board: Gold ‘N Silver Inn, Miguel’s Mexican Restaurant, Atlantis Casino Resort (all restaurants), Los Compadres Fine Mexican Food, BJ’s, Nevada Barbeque, Tamarack Junction Casino, Chili’s Grill & Bar, Romano’s Macaroni

Grill, India Kabab & Curry, Si Amigos Mexican Restaurant, PJ & Company, Mariscos El Pescador, Baldini’s Sports Casino, Nu Yalk Pizza, 4th Street Bistro, Oxbow Café & Bistro, Uncle Vinny’s Pizza, Alderto’s Fresh Mexican Food, and Peg’s Glorified Ham & Eggs.

We know there must be more great restaurants out there displaying the cards. If you see one of our tent cards on a table at your favorite dining place, take out your cell phone camera, snap a picture and post it to our Facebook page.

Thanks to the restaurants helping out during the drought. You are all conservation champions!

Here is the text of TMWA’s April letter:

Dear Restaurant Manager,

As you are likely aware, the Truckee Meadows is currently experiencing its fourth consecutive year of drought. This summer we will be utilizing drought reserves held in upstream reservoirs in order to meet our customer’s water needs. Although our community has the ability to manage water supplies through nine years of drought, identifying ways to save water now simply makes good sense.

This is why Truckee Meadows Water Authority is distributing water conservation tabletop tent-cards to area restaurants to help promote the conservation message. Enclosed are 25 tabletop tent-cards for use in your restaurant. The cards were designed to remind residents and visitors that we all need to pitch in and conserve.

All restaurants will receive 25 per location. However, we will deliver more, at no cost, if you need them. Please call TMWA’s Conservation line at 775-834-8005 and leave a message, including your name, restaurant address, how many more cards you need and your phone number. We will have them delivered to you within five (5) working days. You may also email your request to: [email protected].

In addition to helping reduce water use, we hope that the table tent-cards save you time and money on dishwashing and inventory management, and bring more efficiency to your food service staff.

Please keep in mind that your participation in this program is extremely important to help save water, raise awareness of responsible water use, and help this area save water should we need it for next year. Enclosed is a list of Drought Frequently Asked Questions, for your information.

Bob Conrad
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