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PHOTO GALLERY: Barbara Vucanovich book signing


A conversation about the life of Barbara F. Vucanovich with Patty Cafferata (Barbara’s oldest daughter), Elisa Cafferata (Barbara’s first grand daughter) and the audience. Sam Shad moderated the discussion at Sundance Bookstore and Music. The gathering marked the release of the paperback book edition of Barbara F. Vucanovich: From Nevada to Congress, and Back Again. Photos by Victoria Janicke for This Is Reno.

Victoria Janicke
Victoria Janicke
Torri is back in Reno in pursuit of what sets her soul on fire: documenting social issues and following stories wherever she goes. After her last freelance story with ThisIsReno in 2014, Torri has spent the past four years as a bilingual advocate for victims of domestic abuse, sexual assault, and other traumatic crimes in diverse cities from San Diego to the rural deep South where she earned her master's degree in social work. There, she developed a successful non-profit food pantry on campus, established, and created a disaster relief initiative for the School of Social Work and even volunteered to support refugees in Iraqi Kurdistan over a winter holiday break.