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Entrepreneurship bug: local book editing business launched in Reno


pyplinePYPELINE NEWS RELEASE – Reno is the breeding ground for entrepreneurs and two local recent graduates of the University of Nevada, Reno have taken the bull by its horns, opening a book editing business right here in Reno.

Jenny Perry graduated with a degree in marketing and Krystal Pyatt graduated with a degree in journalism. They have launched a book editing business in order to help those who have a story to tell.

Pypeline Editing focuses on book authors who are interested in self-publishing, have no agent or just need the extra help. The start-up company will focus on providing grammar and contextual edits while also offering “author-to-author” edits focused around offering plot suggestions and aiding in the actual writing process. With Pypeline Editing you get two editors, that’s two sets of eyes to make sure each manuscript shines. Focusing on local authors at quality prices, Pypeline offers the assistance writers need.

For more information about entrepreneurs in Reno, visit Entrepreneurial Minds at www.emindsreno.org. For more information regarding Pypeline Editing contact Krystal Pyatt at [email protected] throughout the construction of their website.

Pypeline Editing focuses on helping authors write and finish books. Two experienced authors offer services for the price of one. Detail oriented and new to the business, Pypeline Editing will offer the edge to your book to get it polished and even aid in getting it out there. For more information contact the media contact during the construction of their website.

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