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BLM Allows Comstock Mining Color of Title Claim to Move Forward


blm_logo-300x261-3875195-7066894Carson City, Nev. – The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Nevada State Office and Carson City Sierra Front Field Office have made a determination to allow Comstock Mining’s Color of Title Claim application to the parcel Storey County calls Lot 51 to move forward. As the claim moves forward, BLM is allowing limited interim use of the haul road segment that crosses Lot 51. Use of this haul road segment will minimize disruption to the community caused by the use of the State Route by semi-trucks. Comstock and the BLM will continue to move forward on the environmental analysis for Comstock’s right-of-way amendment application.

Applications under the Color of Title Act allow parties to receive clear title (patent) to a parcel they hold with clouded title. The Act requires specific documentation to make a valid claim. Recently, Comstock Mining has provided the BLM with all the documentation necessary to make a claim under the Color of Title Act. Filing a Class I Claim is one of the optional resolutions for the alleged trespass of last spring by Comstock Mining.

Last summer, the alleged trespass case was closed. That case involved, amongst other issues, Comstock’s use of a road segment across the parcel Storey County calls Lot 51 without authorization. Exclusive use and development of that and other road segments on public land in the area is currently being analyzed. Although the trespass case has been closed, Comstock Mining is in the process of clearing clouded title to Lot 51 through their Color of Title Class I Claim.

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